STFC Introductory Summer School in Astronomy


The programme consists of a welcome lecture introducing PhD study, a series of science lectures on key topic by leading experts, plus complementary sessions on PhD skills, outreach, and career planning. Social events will include a welcome reception on Sunday evening 2nd September and a School dinner on Thursday evening 6th September.

All lectures will take place in the Fulton Building on campus (see Sussex University campus maps).

Download [pdf] the finalised Programme for the week.

Our speakers have kindly agreed to supply text versions of their talks, which will be downloadable below.

Darren Baskill
Outreach at the University of Sussex.  [ weblink to talk ]

Lewis Dartnell (UCL).  
Astrobiology.  [ pdf of talk ]

Rob Fender (Southampton).
High-energy astrophysics/transient science.   [ pdf of talk ]

Duncan Forgan (Edinburgh).
Planet formation theory.   [ pdf of talk ]

Gary Fuller (Manchester).
Star formation.   [ pdf of talk ]

Meghan Gray (Nottingham).
Galaxy evolution and environment.   [ pdf of talk ]

Alan Heavens (Imperial).
Gravitational lensing.   [ pdf of talk ]

Andrew Levan (Warwick).
Gamma-ray bursts.   [ pdf of talk ]

Antony Lewis (Sussex)
Literature: Search and new papers.   [ pdf of talk ]

Andrew Liddle (Sussex)
An introduction to PhD study.   [ pdf of talk ]
Presentation skills.   [ pdf of talk ]

Jon Loveday (Sussex)
Astronomical software.   [ pdf of talk ]

Ben Maughan (Bristol).
Galaxy clusters.   [ pdf of talk ]

Ross McLure (Edinburgh).
High red-shift galaxies.   [ pdf of talk ]

Jonathan Nichols (Leicester).
Planetary exploration.   [ pdf of talk ]

Mat Page (MSSL).
Active galactic nuclei and quasars.   [ pdf of talk ]

Will Percival (Portsmouth).
Survey cosmology.   [ pdf of talk ]

Frederic Pont (Exeter).
Extra-solar planets.   [ pdf of talk ]

Andrew Pontzen (Oxford).
Simulating the universe.   [ pdf of talk ]

Kathy Romer (Sussex)
Careers session.   pdf of talk ]

David Seery (Sussex).
Particle cosmology.   [ pdf of talk ]

Stephen Smartt (Queens Belfast).
The transient universe - current and future surveys.   [ pdf of talk ]