Biomedical Science

Discover our degrees in Biomedical Science.

Biomedical Science looks at interventions and technology for healthcare and public health.

You’ll learn from experts in genetics and cancer treatment research, as well as Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) faculty.

You'll develop the knowledge to tackle human disease and develop treatments. Or you could use your undergraduate degree and the clinical skills you gain as a pathway to study Medicine at BSMS.

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Welcome to the School of Life Sciences

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    Want to help shape a better world through science?

    Want to tackle real world problems?

    And create world-changing impact?

    It all starts at the University of Sussex.

    Our research focussed courses span the whole of Life Sciences:






    Ecology and Conservation

    Biomedical Science


    Using the latest in cutting-edge advances.

    Guided by world-leading experts.

    Gain hands-on experience, in both our teaching labs and out in the field.

    Influence important policies on things such as the pesticides that kill our wildlife, and policies that protect endangered species.

    Work towards unlocking the secrets of the brain and ending the despair of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

    Join a community of leading scientists and like-minded students striving to make the world a better place for all.

    And follow in the footsteps of our 3 Nobel-prize winning alumni.

    We’re here today, to train the scientists of tomorrow.

    And you could be one of them.

    Find out more about the School of Life Sciences at

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The undergraduate view


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    Hi, my name is Gianna, and I'm studying Biomedical Science at the University of Sussex.


    What initially caught my eye about Sussex was its campus.

    I like that there's everything on campus.

    There's a Co-Op, a doctor, a pharmacy, a dentist, a library, there's two bars.

    There is plenty of food places and I really like that I don't have to go out of the University campus to find things I need, especially during the pandemic, when I wasn't too comfortable going out all the time, it was nice to know that I could just, in a five minute walk, meet some friends, eat something here, go to the bar for a bit.

    It was just, it's really comfortable and I really like that.


    I began my studies at Sussex last year when it was the mid-pandemic there were restrictions on everything and everything was online.

    But Sussex really did do their best to make as many things as interactive as possible.

    There were online movie nights, I was still able to join many societies online.

    I had online auditions for different things, and even if you were in quarantine, you could still meet people online.

    There was always something going on.

    I had to quarantine when I came to University for the first two weeks and I still made a bunch of friends.

    I am still friends with people that I was meeting online while I was doing quarantine, so I'm very grateful for that.


    I also knew I wanted to do a year abroad or a placement year, and Sussex has many different connections with different universities around the world.

    You can go to places like Australia, Canada, Malaysia, China.

    There's just so many options.

    And when I saw that, I was pretty much set that I knew that's something I wanted.

    Sussex also offers many different work opportunities.

    I personally didn't think I was going to be working when I was studying, but when I saw how easy it was to just work with the University,

    I just thought I might as well give it a try.

    Since you can work with the University, it works alongside your studies so you don't have to worry
    about not giving enough time to your studies because you pick your work hours and it's great and it's something I actually love doing.


    If you have any other questions, I should be in the Unibuddy scheme so you can message me and I'll reply and answer anything I can.

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