Biochemistry and Biomedicine


We explore disease-causing genes and proteins and approaches to maintaining human and animal health.

Our work ranges from cell-based genome and proteome wide analyses to experiments at single molecule resolution, using cell biology, structural biology and bioinformatics.

There is a strong focus on human health and food security but deliberate encouragement to complement this with the investigation of basic mechanisms within other organisms.

Our research covers four areas:

Research Excellence Framework 2014


87% of our research in biological sciences was rated as internationally excellent or higher in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF2014), with 48% rated as world-leading.


Facility Managers

Dr Frances Pearl

The bioinformatics lab provides collaborative bioinformatics support to researchers within Life Sciences and in particular the Translational Drug Discovery Group, as well as pursuing independent research.

For more information visit the Bioinformatics Lab website.

Dr Yan Gu

My research is focused on exploiting new optical tools for the study of molecular function in cells.

For more information please visit the Light Microscopy facility page.

Dr Mark Roe

The research of the lab is geared towards the understanding of structure and mechanism of proteins and protein complexes in collaboration with other groups both in the university and from elsewhere.

For more information visit the Roe Lab website.

Dr Pascale Schellenberger

Dr Schellenberger is head of the Electron Microscopy Imaging Centre (EMC). The EMC aims to support and develop structural biology research projects. hese range from atomic and molecular particle analysis to the characterization of tissue and cell ultrastructure by using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), 3D reconstruction, tomography and integrative imaging approaches.

For more information, visit the EMC facility page.

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