Gene Expression Research Group

 There is considerable and extensive expertise at the University of Sussex covering all aspects of the control of gene expression in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. This includes the investigation of gene structure, transcriptional regulation and chromatin remodelling, mRNA splicing, polyadenylation, localisation, degradation and stability, microRNA regulation and translational control. The impact and role of these control steps is studied in many key contexts including animal development, tissue differentiation and function, cell growth, cancer and antibiotic and biofuel production. The Gene Expression Group comprises eight individual research groups spanning Life Science subject groups and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, with specialised state-of-the-art school and specific laboratory-based instrumentation underpinning the research. Research in gene expression at Sussex receives large amounts of charity and Research Council funding (Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, Leukaemia Lymphoma Research) and is carried out by a total of 21 post-doctoral scientists, research assistants and technicians and 23 PhD students.