Choose from undergraduate courses, Masters and PhD degrees in Biochemistry.

Our aim is to keep humans and animals healthy. We focus on genes and proteins that cause disease, and work on new treatments and diagnostics.

You’ll learn from and work with some of the world’s leading biochemists. You'll also benefit from our close links to the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre and Genome Damage and Stability Centre. One of our research teams has come up with what could be the first step towards a blood test for brain tumours.

You’ll gain hands-on experience in laboratory sessions, expand your skills, and get ready to study what interests you most in your research project. You'll work with one of our research teams as part of your individual project, which will give you a wealth of experience for your future career.

Explore Biochemistry at Sussex

The undergraduate view


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    Hi, my name is Daniella. I do Biochemistry, and I'm going into my third-year in September.

    I chose to study Biochemistry because I really enjoyed both biology and chemistry at school, and I wanted to continue that.

    In particular, I chose Biochemistry because research has such a central element to the degree, and I would really like to pursue a career in research in the future.


    I personally find it amazing how by learning everything at the molecular level, you can then piece together things and see something as a bigger system or its impact in health and disease.

    And the modules are quite broad, and I think that's really great because you get a lot of knowledge with a lot of different things to do with biochemistry, which really can help you see what you might actually want to do once you leave Sussex.


    It can definitely be a little bit overwhelming when you first start uni, so definitely just try new things, even though it can be daunting.

    It's also nice because everybody's in the same position.

    You all are a bit scared, but you get to just try new things together and you might end up meeting people that become your best friends.

    And there's so different events and things you can take part in or societies or just different events during the day.

    So for me, I did some Zumba classes or some dance classes, and it just gave a bit of a change up to the day.


    There's definitely a lot of different areas you can study in.

    For me, I really made use of the library when it was exam time I could sit in the silent area and get a lot of work done.

    But then equally, when it was a bit more relaxed, I could sit in the group study and finish off work and chat to my friends.

    There's a lot of different buildings on campus that will have the booths in and seats in, you can use classrooms when they're not being used, also for socialising as well because, you know, when you just want to kind of relax a bit or just be with friends, it's nice that you have a lot of places you can go together on campus without actually having to go to town if you only have a small break so you can go and get coffee together or just sit and chat or enjoy being outside if it's sunny.


    Sussex uni has really great help with the Sussex Support Unit so if you do need help with anything, they're really great with any problem, whether it's a small or a big problem. And they definitely look at everybody as an individual and want everybody to have the best university experience.

Welcome to the School of Life Sciences

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    Want to help shape a better world through science?

    Want to tackle real world problems?

    And create world-changing impact?

    It all starts at the University of Sussex.

    Our research focussed courses span the whole of Life Sciences:






    Ecology and Conservation

    Biomedical Science


    Using the latest in cutting-edge advances.

    Guided by world-leading experts.

    Gain hands-on experience, in both our teaching labs and out in the field.

    Influence important policies on things such as the pesticides that kill our wildlife, and policies that protect endangered species.

    Work towards unlocking the secrets of the brain and ending the despair of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

    Join a community of leading scientists and like-minded students striving to make the world a better place for all.

    And follow in the footsteps of our 3 Nobel-prize winning alumni.

    We’re here today, to train the scientists of tomorrow.

    And you could be one of them.

    Find out more about the School of Life Sciences at

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