PhD loans

You may be able to apply for a PhD or Postgraduate Masters loan to help you fund your PhD.

PhD researcher development

Loans for PhD study

You may be eligible for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan of up to £25,000 if you:

  • are a new PhD student starting in 2018/19
  • are under 59 and a self-funded UK national.

You may also be eligible if you're an EU national or you have settled status. Check if you're eligible for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan.

The PhD loan can help with fees and living costs, and you repay your PhD loan at 6% of your income over £21,000 per year.

You can also apply for a professional and career development loan if you are from the UK. These are bank loans designed to help you with your career, and you can borrow up to £10,000.

If you are a student from the United States, you may be able to apply for funding through the federal aid program.

Loans for MPhil study

If you are from the UK and you want to do an MPhil, you may be eligible for Postgraduate Masters Loans

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