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Find out about Modern Languages and English language teaching at Sussex, based within the Department of Language Studies, part of the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, and search for people who work there.

About us

Our courses are taught by academics working in the Department of Language Studies. We offer a wide range of courses and modules throughout the calendar year in English Language Teaching and Modern Foreign Languages. International students can take a range of English language courses to prepare them for their studies.

We recognise that students from disciplines across the University will, as future global citizens, travel, live and work in countries across the world – that's why we've developed a flexible portfolio of language electives which students can take as part of their degree. Students can also study autonomously in our Resource Centre, which has a digital language suite and multimedia workstations for the private study of more than 50 world languages.

We believe that learning to speak a second or third language provides a window into another culture, and that cultural awareness and intercultural communication are essential for the promotion of peace, co-operation and understanding in the world today. In addition, the study of a language gives meaningful access to the media, films and literature in that language, opening up limitless paths of discovery. 

What we offer

We offer:

  • a range of courses and modules for undergraduate and Masters students
  • pre-entry courses for students not yet at Sussex
  • language courses for the general public. 

Modern language studies

English language teaching

Language and communication skills

You can also develop your communication skills in practical ways and explore languages more broadly, on modules including:

  • English in Academic Contexts
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Inter-cultural Encounters
  • Language, Identity and Nation

Explore all our electives.

English language courses 

Bespoke courses

We can develop specialist language courses specific to your institutional or company needs.

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