Intensive English

Find out how to apply for an Intensive English course at Sussex.

Why study Intensive English?

This course is for you if:

  • you are aged 18 years and over
  • your English language level is intermediate (CEFR B1)*
  • you are serious about improving your English
  • you are planning to use English language for further education or work.

*No test results are required, if your level is slightly below or above, please contact

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About the course

Classes take place during the:

  • autumn term (12 weeks)
  • spring term (12 weeks)
  • summer term (six weeks).

You can choose either 15 or 21 hours of tuition per week.

  • Autumn term (12 weeks)

    When: 25 September to 15 December 2024

    Tuition fee: £3,524 (for 15 hours per week), £4,704 (for 21 hours a week)

    Application deadline: 26 August 2024

  • Spring term (12 weeks)

    When: 20 January to 11 April 2025

    Tuition fee: £3,524 (for 15 hours per week), £4,704 (for 21 hours a week)

    Application deadline: 5 January 2025

  • Summer term (6 weeks)

    When: 6 May to 13 June 2025

    Tuition fee: £1,852 (for 15 hours per week), £2,352 (for 21 hours a week)

    Application deadline: 22 April 2025

  • Course structure

    There are six components in the course:

    • grammar
    • reading and vocabulary development
    • writing skills
    • listening and speaking skills
    • supervised personal study programme
    • research project.

    You will receive a free course book. 

    Intensive English is accredited by the University of Sussex and can, for example, be taken as part of a Visiting and Exchange Undergraduate Programme. Please note that no resit modes are available for these courses.

  • Learning outcomes

    The course aims to help you understand spoken and written English, and to improve your communication skills in speaking and writing. You will also work on your grammar and on increasing your vocabulary. In addition, you will receive training and guidance in the following key skills:

    • study skills
    • cross-cultural communication
    • effective use of Information Technology (IT) in language learning
    • research and presentation skills
    • setting and achieving your own personal language learning targets.

How to apply

There are two ways you can apply for an Intensive English course: 

If you are a scholarship holder, or a sponsored student, you must apply for the Intensive English course via our online shop. You will need to show evidence of your scholarship or sponsorship.

Already applied?

If you've already been accepted on to an Intensive English course, you can pay the remainder of your tuition fees

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