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Learn a language with our affordable, fun and comprehensive short courses. Explore a range of lunchtime and evening classes to fit your lifestyle.

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Learn a language at Sussex

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language, or revisit a language you learned in the past, our lunchtime and evening classes might be perfect for you. 

Our language short courses are open to everyone, from Sussex students and staff to members of the public (aged 18 and over). Build your confidence in communicating in your chosesn language through games, media, and immersive teaching. You’ll join a diverse group of learners who are passionate about languages, want to stand out to future employers, or wish to communicate better with friends, relatives, or when travelling.

These short courses are offered at a variety of levels and include languages such as French, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. We also offer a short course in British Sign Language (BSL)

We offer 20-week courses (running October-April) and shorter 12-week courses (usually starting in January).  

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Important: The majority of our short courses will return to in-person teaching, although some may run online. This will be indicated on each language page.

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Terms and conditions

If you’re thinking of enroling we recommend you read our full terms and conditions.


If you have any queries, email or call +44(0) 1273 872575.

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