The Sussex Centre for Language Studies offers a wide range of courses and modules throughout the calendar year in English Language, English Language Teaching and Modern Foreign Languages. The Centre is responsible for delivering undergraduate degrees in Modern Languages and English Language Teaching courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

SCLS recognises that students from disciplines across the University will, as future global citizens, travel, live and work in countries across the world and has therefore developed a flexible portfolio of language electives which you can take as part of your degree. You can also study autonomously in our Language Learning Centre, which has a digital language suite and multimedia workstations for the private study of over fifty world languages.

SCLS staff are passionate about all aspects of language, language learning and language teaching. We believe that learning to speak a second or third language provides a window into another culture, and that cultural awareness and intercultural communication are essential for the promotion of peace, co-operation and understanding in the world today. In addition, the study of a language gives meaningful access to the media, films and literature in that language, opening up limitless paths of discovery. As Charlemagne, the ‘Father of Europe’, remarked, ‘To have another language is to possess a second soul.’

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