Dr Theodoros Karapanagiotidis

Dr Theodoros Karapanagiotidis

Lecturer in Psychology

Email: t.karapanagiotidis@sussex.ac.uk

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Ongoing thoughts, Brain connectivity & information flow, Neural dynamics & trait-state interactions

My lab's research focus is on the neural mechanisms supporting ongoing conscious experience, as well as on the functional hierarchy of the human brain, information flow, neural trait-state interactions and their associations to behaviour and dispositional traits. Some key questions for example include: How do thoughts relate to brain functioning and well-being. How does neural signal propagate across the brain and how this might be associated with different cognitive functions. How do neural priors and dynamics relate to behaviour, task performance, and learning. We approach these questions by using multiple neuroimaging modalities (i.e. structural, functional, and diffusion MRI, TMS, and MEG) and analysis techniques (i.e. machine learning algorithms).

Projects would normally involve acquiring data from cohorts of neurotypical adults and include multiple elements such as behavioural testing, neuroimaging, programming and methods development. However, there is also interest in running studies on clinical populations with mental health disorders aiming to translate theoretical and computational findings into clinical practice, which with the use of Artificial Intelligence, has the potential of improving the quality of life of patients.

I would also be very happy to discuss any ideas that you may have that fit any of the above, so please do get in touch!

See Theodoros' homepage and Google Scholar for more information.

Key references

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