Dr Dominique Makowski

Dr Dominique Makowski

Lecturer in Psychology

Email: d.makowski@sussex.ac.uk

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Cognitive neuropsychology of reality perception, and the role of the emotions and bodily signals in shaping our conscious experience

Join the Reality Bending Lab (ReBeL), a vibrant environment where we study reality perception, fake news, illusions, fiction, deception, self-control, and more, using EEG and physiological signals. We also develop open-source tools, software and new methods to answer our questions.

Research projects with me often involve investigating the role of active mechanisms (e.g. cognitive control, emotions, interoception, immersion, meditation, deception…) in shaping our sense of reality (i.e., the feeling and belief that we - and our environment - are real), as well as their crystallised form giving rise to dispositional characteristics in the form of personality phenotypes and neuropsychological profiles.

Students can acquire skills in programming (R and Python) and data analysis, EEG and physiological signals (ECG, EDA, Respiration) data acquisition and analysis, and working with clinical and applied populations.

Visit the Reality Bending Lab pages for more information.

Key references

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