Dr Dan Campbell-Meiklejohn

Dr Dan Campbell-Meiklejohn

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Telephone: 01273 877031
Email: daniel.cm@sussex.ac.uk

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Dan Campbell-Meiklejohn

Neural and cognitive models of social decisions

In the Social Decision Lab we are interested to understand decisions that are influenced by our social environment or impact our social environment. Projects explore topics such as conformity, altruism, strategy, metacognition, and communication. In our explorations, we focus on concrete social problems so that our research on basic mechanisms of social behaviour have maximum potential social impact. Methods in the lab include neuroimgaging, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology, computational modelling of learning and choice, as well as extensive behavioural testing. We also do some work in the social behaviour and cognition of clinical populations.

Rotation projects will vary year to year with the focus of the lab, funding, and established set ups. For a PhD in the lab, we will explore your interests, the goals of the lab and methods available to create an interesting and satisfying project with view toward high quality and high-impact publications. Get in touch to meet up. I will be happy to chat about potential projects and the lab in general.

Key references

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Visit the Social Decision Lab website for more details and a full list of publications.

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