Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience Projects

Some examples of projects using behavioural and cognitive approaches are given below. 

Please note that this list of supervisors is accurate to date, but may be subject to future changes. Projects shown are examples only, intended to give a flavour of the research taking place in the lab. Supervisors and students will discuss more detailed plans or new directions together after the student has received an offer and is making their choices.

  • Dr Eisuke Koya - Neuronal ensembles involved in food-related learning
  • Dr Emiliano Merlo - Mechanisms that control memory maintenance and inhibition
  • Dr Alexa Morcom - Cognitive neuroscience of memory, and memory in healthy ageing
  • Professor Anil Seth - Consciousness science, integrating cognitive neuroscience and computational modelling
  • Dr Maxine Sherman - Subjective confidence, metacognition and mentalising
  • Dr Bryan Singer - Individual variation in synaptic neurobiology underlying incentive motivation and addiction