SCMR working papers

The SCMR Working Paper series provides quick-turnaround publication for SCMR members and partners, including visiting fellows, postgraduate students and faculty.

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In 2022 SCMR published it's 100th paper in the SCMR working paper series!  The working papers series provides quick-turnaround publication of research papers, theoretical discussions and policy papers by SCMR members, including visiting fellows, doctoral students and faculty.

Students on our MA in Migration and Refugee Studies and MA in Migration and Development programmes who achieve a distinction (an A-grade) can also publish their dissertations, as an SCMR Working Paper.

See below for a full list of working papers, with links to download them.

The SCMR working paper series is edited by Professor Russell King. If you would like to submit a paper, please email him at

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Win-win? Assessing the role of non-profit organisations in co-creating new pathways for asylum-seekers and refugees with the Japanese labour market

Mami Kamoshita (2024)

The Albanian Scientific Diaspora from Kosovo: Prospects for Cooperation and Return

Russell King, Ilir Gëdeshi (2024)
101 Emigration of Medical Doctors from Albania: A Segmented Brain Drain Amarildo Ceka, Ilir Gëdeshi, Russell King (2023)
100 From Social to Intangible Remittances: A Conceptual Recalibration [PDF 428KB] Janine Isabelle Pinkow-Läpple, Judith Möllers (2022)
99 Labouring Geography in a Global Pandemic: Social Reproduction, Racial Capitalism and World-Making Praxis [PDF 307KB] Hannah Schling, Ben Rogaly (2022)
98 The Impact of Covid-19 Induced School Closures on the Educational Experience of Students with Latin American Immigrant Parents [DOC 190KB] Pauline Klitzsch (2021)
97 ‘Immigration, Stupid!’ Or Was It? Re-Imagining Brexit as a ‘Wicked Problem’ [PDF 693.02KB] Russell King (2020)
96 Brexit, National Identity and the Print Media: A Discourse Analysis of Britain’s Pro-Leave Tabloid Campaigns [PDF 2.76MB] Joshua Vey (2019)
95 Barriers to (Re)integration: The Roma Return to the Western Balkans [PDF 385.94KB] Zana Vathi (2019)
94 Brexit as Rupture? Voices, Opinions and Reflections of EU Nationals from the Liminal Space of Brexit Britain [PDF 235.51KB] Calypso Owen (2018)
93 The Albanian Second Migration: Albanians Fleeing the Greek Crisis and Onward Migrating to the UK [PDF 218.37KB] Chaido Karamoschou (2018)
92 Beyond Migration Binaries and Linear Transitions: The Complexification of Greece’s Migratory Landscape at Times of Crisis [PDF 707.04KB] Manolis Pratsinakis, Panos Hatziprokopiou, Russell King (2017)
91 Instrumentalising the Influx of Refugees for Boundary-Change? The Turkish Community in the Pursuit of Social Acceptance in Germany [PDF 368.31KB] Baris Senay (2017)
90 New Knowledge Comes Home: Highly-Skilled Greek Migrants’ Aspirations for, Realities of, and Barriers to Knowledge Transfer [PDF 437.33KB] Kyriaki Fotiadou (2017)
89 Growing Older as a Refugee: A Study of Bosnian Refugees in the UK and their Experiences of the Ageing Process [PDF 372.88KB] Luciana Caffarelli (2016)
88 A Case of Bottom-Up, Slow, and Ongoing Political Integration? Naturalised Albanians in Italy [PDF 520.78KB] Eriselda Shkopi, Zana Vathi (2016)
87 Does Mobility within the European Union Shape Migrants’ Identities? The Case of Slovak Migrants in the London Region [PDF 633.55KB] Veronika Dvorakova (2016)
86 International Youth Mobility and Life Transitions in Europe: Questions, Definitions, Typologies and Theoretical Approaches [PDF 850.87KB] Russell King, Aija Lulle, Laura Moro┼čanu. Allan Williams (2016)
85 The Effects of Globalisation on Regional Migration in Italy [PDF 293.96KB] Giuseppe Celi, Giuseppina Testa (2016)
84 Gendering International Student Migration: A Comparison of UK and Indian Students’ Motivations and Experiences of Studying Abroad [PDF 509.62KB] Russell King, Gunjan Sondhi (2016)
83 Closing the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme: A Triple Loss [PDF 639.46KB] Erica Consterdine, Sahizer Samuk (2015)
82 Young Baltic Graduates Living and Working in London: From Peripheral Region to Escalator Region in Europe [PDF 396.39KB] Russell King, Aija Lulle, Violetta Parutis, Maarja Saar (2015)
81 When is a migrant not a migrant? Exploring white middle-class perceptions of difference in a ‘liberal’ British city [PDF 465.58KB] Amy Clarke (2015)
80 Highly-Skilled Nigerian Migration as a Spatial and Temporal Continuum [PDF 546.23KB] Melanie Mbah (2015)
79 The Perfect Alternative to Citizenship? Explaining the low take-up of the ‘long-term residency EU’ status: Germany as a case-study [PDF 685.88KB] Mirijam Beutke (2015)
78 Second-Generation Turkish-Germans Return ‘Home’: Gendered Narratives of (Re-)negotiated Identities [PDF 497.08KB] Nilay Kilinc (2014)
77 Going Back Home: Internal Return Migration in Rural Tanzania [PDF 790.05KB] Kalle Hirvonen, Helene Bie Lilleør (2014)
76 Everyday mosque politics’: the Islamisation of space, a complex and negotiated politics [PDF 539.11KB] Julius Baker (2014)
75 The Lure of London: A Comparative Study of Recent Graduate Migration from Germany, Italy and Latvia [PDF 523.45KB] Russell King, Aija Lulle, Francesca Conti, Dorothea Mueller, Giuseppe Scotto (2014)
74 Population Mobility and Regional Development [PDF 554.84KB]
Tony Fielding (2014)
73 Seen but Unheard – A Case-Study of Low-Waged Tamil Migrant Workers in Singapore [PDF 2.10MB] Wajihah Hamid (2014)
72 A Masculinist Perspective on Gendered Relations of Power: Rwandan Migrant Men in the UK [PDF 414.16KB] Dan Godshaw (2014)
71 ‘That’s Where my Perception of it all was Shattered’: Oral Histories and Moral Geographies of Food Sector Employment in an English City Region [PDF 460.31KB] Ben Rogaly, Kaveri Qureshi (2014)
70 A Stratified Right to Family Life? Patterns and Rationales behind Differential Access to Family Reunification for Third-Country Nationals Living within the EU [PDF 498.16KB] Reinhard Schweitzer (2014)
69 Victims or Criminals? The Vulnerability of Separated Children in the Context of Migration in the United Kingdom and Italy [PDF 458.93KB] Annalisa Furia (2012)
68 Just a Matter of Choice? Student Mobility as a Social and Biographical Process [PDF 273.09KB] Sören Carlson (2011)
67 Cyprus as a Multi-Diasporic Space [PDF 360.85KB] Janine Teerling and Russell King (2011)
66 Of Corridors and Dyads: Unpacking the Family Dynamics of Remittance Transfers to Albania and Ecuador [PDF 356.08KB] Diana Mata-Codesal, Russell King and Julie Vullnetari (2011)
65 From First-Generation Guestworkers to Second-Generation Transnationalists: Greek-Germans Engage with the ‘Homeland’ [PDF 425.92KB] Russell King, Anastasia Christou and Jill Ahrens (2010)
64 Motivations of UK Students to Study Abroad: A Survey of School-Leavers [PDF 451.38KB] Jill Ahrens, Russell King, Ronald Skeldon, Máiréad Dunne (2010)
63 Migration in a Time of Crisis: A Simple Conceptual Framework Applied to East Asian Migrations [PDF 280.46KB] Tony Fielding (2010)
62 A Matter of Power? (Ethnic) Identification and Integration of Albanian-Origin Immigrants in Thessaloniki [PDF 194.25KB] Zana Vathi (2010)
61 Inter-Regional Migration in a Transition Economy: The Case of China [PDF 523.57KB] Tony Fielding (2010)
60 Local Identities, Identification and Incorporation of Albanian Immigrants in Florence [PDF 226.65KB] Zana Vathi (2010)
59 Migration and Development: An Insight into the Experiences and Perceptions of Skilled Migrants Involved in the MIDA Great Lakes Programme [PDF 505.32KB] Julie Héraud (2010)
58 Gender and Remittances in Albania: Or Why 'Are Women Better Remitters than Men?' Is Not the Right Question [PDF 407.73KB] Russell King and Julie Vullnetari (2010)
57 New Brits? Migration and Settlement of Albanian-Origin Immigrants in London [PDF 315.89KB] Zana Vathi (2010)
56 Idyllic Times and Spaces? Memories of Childhood Visits to the Parental Homeland by Second-Generation Greeks and Cypriots [PDF 154.57KB] Russell King, Anastasia Christou and Janine Teerling (2009)
55 Transnational migration - Theory and method of an ethnographic analysis of border regimes [PDF 82.32KB] Vassilis Tsianos, Sabine Hess, Serhat Karakayali (2009)
54 Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta's Oil Sector [PDF 779.76KB] Katherine de Guerre (2009)
53 Racialisation of central and east European migrants in Herefordshire [PDF 113.67KB] Leila Dawney (2008)
52 Internal and International Migration: Bridging the Theoretical Divide [PDF 1.16MB] Russell King, Ronald Skeldon and Julie Vullnetari (2008)
51 'Turks' in London: Shades of Invisibility and the Shifting Relevance of Policy in the Migration Process [PDF 145.40KB] Russell King, Mark Thomson, Nicola Mai, Yilmaz Keles (2008)
50 Rice & Coriander - Sensorial re-creations of home through food: Ecuadorians in a northern Spanish city [PDF 182.33KB] Diana Mata Codesal (2008)
49 Changing Support for Asylum Seekers: An Analysis of Legislation and Parliamentary Debates [PDF 216.32KB] Emily Fletcher (2008)
48 Negotiating Italianità: Ethnicity and Peer-Group Formation among Transnational Second-Generation Italians in Switzerland [PDF 146.58KB] Susanne Wessendorf (2008)
47 The Impacts and Experiences of Migrant Children in UK Secondary Schools [PDF 299.05KB] Grace Reynolds (2008)
46 Ties That Bind: Families, Social Capital and Caribbean Second-Generation Return Migration [PDF 241.32KB] Tracey Reynolds (2008)
45 Cultural Geographies of Counter-Diasporic Migration: The Second Generation Returns 'Home' [PDF 330.47KB] Russell King and Anastasia Christou (2007)
44 Hidden Hands in Fair Trade Nicaraguan migrants and the labour process in the Costa Rican coffee harvest [PDF 95.87KB] Peter Luetchford (2007)
43 Accelerated Procedures for Asylum in the European Union: Fairness versus Efficiency [PDF 176.41KB] Sharon Oakley (2007)
42 Coordinating the Humanitarian Response to Refugee Situations: The Role of Power and Trust in Humanitarian Networks [PDF 160.64KB] Andreas Capjon (2007)
41 Negev Bedouin and Higher Education: At the Crossroads of a Community in Transition [PDF 145.29KB] Janine Givati-Teerling (2007)
40 Rural out-migration and economic development at origin. What do we know? [PDF 162.80KB] Mariapia Mendola (2006)
39 The Anti-Capitalist Movement and the Migrant Comparing Agendas and Debating Facilities [PDF 128.04KB] Daphne Sivetidis (2006)
38 Welcome to 'Monkey Island'. Identity, Community and Migration Histories in Three Norwich Estates [PDF 137.22KB] Ben Rogaly and Becky Taylor (2006)
37 Bulgarian Migrant Remittances and Legal Status: Some Micro-level Evidence from Madrid [PDF 179.57KB] Eugenia Markova, Barry Reilly (2006)
36 Intensification of work-place regimes in British agriculture The role of migrant workers [PDF 128.04KB] Ben Rogaly (2006)
35 Migrants on the edge of Europe - Perspectives from Malta, Cyprus and Slovenia [PDF 100.78KB] Mark Thomson (2006)
34 Muslim identity - The European context [PDF 118.75KB] Siobhán McPhee (2005)
33 Migration and education: Child migrants in Bangladesh [PDF 123.38KB] Laura Giani (2006)
32 Between care and control - Interaction between refugees and caseworkers within the Norwegian refugee integration programme [PDF 143.41KB] Oddveig Nygård (2006)
31 The Performance of Bulgarian Undocumented and Legalised Immigrants in the Spanish Labour Market [PDF 76.51KB] Eugenia M. Markova (2006)
30 The political genesis and legal impact of proposals for the SIS II: what cost for data protection and security in the EU? [PDF 132.74KB] Alice Garside (2006)
29 Challenges to policy and practice in the disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and rehabilitation of youth combatants in Liberia [PDF 339.35KB] Caroline Bragg (2006)
28 Entrenched relations and the permanence of long-term refugee camp situations [PDF 124.80KB] Rebecca Napier-Moore (2005)
27 Quantifying the trade-migration nexus of the enlarged EU: A Comedy of Errors or Much Ado About Nothing? [PDF 454.57KB]  Chris Parsons (2005)
26 Cape Verdean Associations in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon: their role in integration [PDF 235.49KB] João Sardinha (2005)
25 The people in-between. IDPs, Space and (Dis)placement in Sri Lanka [PDF 956.36KB] Jessica Skinner (2005)
24 The state and population mobility in the Great Lakes - What is different about post-colonial migrations? [PDF 135.21KB] Albert Kraler (2004)
23 Nomads, sailors and refugees. A century of Somali migration [PDF 450.72KB] Nauja Kleist (2004)
22 Next Stop Britain: The Influence of Transnational Networks on the Secondary Movement of Danish Somalis [PDF 92.98KB] Katrine Bang Nielsen (2004)
21 Temporary migration to the UK as an 'Au Pair': Cultural exchange or reproductive labour? [PDF 199.07KB] Emma Newcombe (2004)
20 Control and Deterrence: Discourses of detention of asylum-seekers [PDF 92.68KB] Mari Malmberg (2004)
19 Welcome Home? Minority return in south-eastern Republika Srpska [PDF 211.45KB] Lisa D'Onofrio (2004)
18 Images of Sangatte: Political representations of asylum seeking in France and the UK [PDF 533.73KB] Mark Thomson (2003)
17 Unorthodox Sisters: Gender Relations and Transnational Marriages among Malayali Migrants in Italy [PDF 383.04KB] Ester Gallo (2003)
16 Explaining Change in Established Migration Systems: The Movement of Algerians to France and the UK [PDF 342.29KB] Michael Collyer (2003)
15 Migration, Return and Socio-Economic Change in West Africa: The Role of Family [PDF 646.92KB] Richmond Tiemoko (2003)
14 Longitudinal Studies: An insight into current studies and the social and economic outcomes for migrants [PDF 587.57KB] Richard Black, Tony Fielding, Russell King, Ronald Skeldon and Richmond Tiemoko(2003)
13 'New Migration' in the 1990s: a retrospective [PDF 394.71KB] Chris Whitwell (2003)
12 Do Developing Countries Benefit from Migration? A study on the acquisition and usefulness of human capital for Ghanaian Return Migrants ~ not available Titia Sjenitzer
11 The Root Causes of Migration: Criticising the Approach and Finding a Way Forward [PDF 281.06KB] Saskia Gent (2002)
10 Migration and poverty reduction: evidence from the Ghana Living Standards Survey [PDF 3.40MB] Julie Litchfield and Hugh Waddington (2002)
9 Migration, return and small enterprise development in Ghana: a route out of poverty? [PDF 563.13KB] Richard Black, Russell King and Richmond Tiemoko(2003)
8 The Formation of Ethnic Representations: The Vietnamese in Poland [PDF 218.09KB] Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska (2002)
7 Negotiating the local: youth adaptation processes in a Chinatown church [PDF 166.77KB] Nanlai Cao (2002)
6 Geographies of place, culture and identity in the narratives of second-generation Greek-Americans returning 'home' [PDF 419.60KB] Anastasia Christou (2002)
5 Promised Borderland: On the 'exceptionalism' of the UK system of migration control [PDF 418.17KB] Matthias Liedtke (2002)
4 A Matter of Decency? The Progress Party in Norwegian Immigration Politics [PDF 107.68KB] Anniken Hagelund (2001)
3 Harnessing the Potential of Migration and Return to Promote Development: Applying Concepts to West Africa [PDF 235.38KB] Savina Ammassari and Richard Black (2001)
2 Bosnians in Chicago: Transnational activities and obstacles to transnationalism [PDF 349.01KB] Ellen Wight (2000)
1 Access to Legal Services for Asylum-seekers in Britain: An exploratory study of recent developments [PDF 369.25KB] Trine Lester (2000)