Billions of pounds are wasted and lost to corruption and corrupt actors. Corruption scandals in business often go unheard and unnoticed but come at a huge cost to our society. Our far-reaching research in this field is world leading and covers all aspects of the business sector.

Recent Published Research 

Dávid-Barrett, E (2019) Business unusual: collective action against bribery in international business. Crime, Law and Social Change, 71 (2). pp. 151-170. ISSN 0925-4994

Dávid-Barrett, E, Yakis-Douglas, B, Moss-Cowan, A & Nguyen, Y (2017) A bitter pill? Institutional corruption and the challenge of antibribery compliance in the pharmaceutical sector. Journal of Management Inquiry, 26 (3). pp. 326-347. ISSN 1056-4926

Dávid-Barrett, E. and K. Okamura. (2016)  Reputation and Norm Diffusion: The Rise of the Extractive Industries Transparency InitiativeGovernance 29/2: 227-246.

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  • Current research and upcoming publications
    Professor Liz David-Barrett (Director)

    Curbing Corruption in Procurement: using innovative methodology for analysing big data to calculate indicators of corruption risk in aid-funded procurement, exploring how the type and structure of corruption risks is affected by various regulatory interventions employed as well as by the sociopolitical context

    International Deal-Making, Beliefs and Social Norms: exploring the business-politics interface, including conflicts of interest in public office, lobbying and the revolving door, and the role of private-sector collective action in curbing corruption

    PhD students

    Elena Gorianova
    Non-implementation Issues in Transitional Countries; Environmental Regulation of the Oil Industry in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council)

    Irasema Guzman
    Corruption Risks in Public Procurement Contracts: monitoring delivery of goods, services and works projects in Mexico

    Babatunde Ibidape-Obe
    Conflict of Interest in Public Procurement in Nigeria: The Open Government Data Solution to the Problem of Transparency and Accountability