The Centre for the Study of Corruption

The Centre for the Study of Corruption (CSC) is an internationally renowned centre of excellence for research and teaching on corruption, widely recognised for combining cutting-edge academic approaches and research with practical experience of how corruption can be addressed in the real world.


CSC’s research activities are based around four themes:

  • corruption in politics
  • corruption in international business
  • corruption in sport
  • corruption in geographical context – with particular strengths in the UK, Germany & Eastern Europe, China and Africa.


Our teaching programmes give the best available grounding for current and future anti-corruption professionals, providing a year-long immersion for students who go on to run anti-corruption agencies, corporate compliance departments and the anti-corruption functions in international organisations.

The in-depth insights our courses provide in the politics and business of corruption are also an excellent base for working in government, business, international institutions and the non-profit sector.

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