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The Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex

  • Video transcript

    (Video opens with an animated University of Sussex Logo)

    Corruption is everywhere; in politics, in business, in sport…

    … and all across the world.

    Corruption includes:

    • Bribery
    • Embezzlement
    • Money-laundering
    • Falsified evidence
    • Match-fixing
    • and Election fraud.

    Corruption occurs in developed and developing nations.

    It destabilises economies and societies.

    Resulting in inequality, danger and misery for millions of people.

    (Animation shows a large group of people protesting holding placards and megaphones)

    The University of Sussex is home to the internationally renowned Centre for the Study of Corruption.

    (Animation shows the Falmer Quad entrance to the University of Sussex with a number of people walking around)

    With specialists in almost every aspect of corruption, it’s the only centre in Europe taking an interdisciplinary view of the problem.

    (Animated typography on screen with phrases: Corruption and gender, Corruption in geographical context, Political Lobbying, Populist autocrats, Corruption in sport, Global money laundering, Government Contracting, Corruption in politics, Corruption in international business, Transnational offending, Human trafficking)

    Professors Dan Hough, Liz David-Barrett, Robert Barrington, and colleagues are developing innovative approaches and influencing real-world policy and practice.

    (Animation shows the three academics walking along before cutting to a closeup of them writing in notebooks and working with a tablet device)

    They’re also training the next generation of anti-corruption professionals.

    (Animation shows the three academics by the Falmer Quad entrance to the University of Sussex with their backs to us and waving at three other people in capes who are waving back and then flying into the air in a superhero pose and off screen)

    Choose from two Master courses including an online one you can do from anywhere.

    (On screen animated typography reads ‘Corruption and Governance MA’ and ‘Corruption and Government MA (online)’)

    We’ll prepare you for multiple career paths and help you build global networks.

    Join us and continue the international fight against corruption.

    (Video ends with an animated University of Sussex logo and a web address:



John Duggan - Dissertation Prize 2022, supported by Good Corporation

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Thomas Elston - Course Prize 2022, supported by Intelligent Sanctuary Foundation

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Georgia Garrod - Dissertation Prize 2021, supported by the Centre for the Study of Corruption