Corruption poses a serious threat to democracy and effective governance around the world and is often central to the worst abuses of power. Our internationally renowned research examines corruption and integrity standards in governments, parliaments and political parties from all over the world.

Recent Published Research 

Power, S. (2020), The Transparency Paradox: Why Transparency Alone will not Improve Campaign Regulations. The Political Quarterly, 91: 731-738

Power, S (2020) Party Funding and Corruption (Routledge)

Hough, D & Monyake, M (2019) Citizens, Bribery and the Propensity to ProtestCommonwealth & Comparative Politics, 57 (3), 2019: 282-302.

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Dávid-Barrett, E. and M. Fazekas (2019) Grand Corruption and Government Change: An Analysis of Partisan Favoritism in public procurementEuropean Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 1-20.

Dávid-Barrett, E. (2015) Nolan’s Legacy: Regulating Parliamentary Conduct in Democratising EuropeParliamentary Affairs 58/3: 514-532.

CSC Blog Posts 

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  • Current research
    Professor Dan Hough

    Corruption definitions: definitions of corruption in the US context

    Corruption narratives: narratives of corruption in the German parliament

    Dr Roxana Bratu

    New Technologies and Corruption: the ways in which new technologies create opportunities for corruption, focusing particularly on targeted ads for political campaigns on social media 

    Representations of Corruption in the Media: the uses of corruption by actors to frame their political discourse 

    Dr Sam Power

    Campaign Financing: campaign financing both online and offline and the role of money as a (potential) corrupting influence

    Political Influence: the study of non-financial means of influencing politics, such as lobbying

    Party Politics: including party membership, consultancy and new institutionalism

    PhD students

    Rebecca Dobson
    The Politics of Climate Change Policymaking in the UK and its Implications for the Concept of Institutional Corruption

    Uche Igwe
    The Politics of Anti-Corruption in Nigeria

    Yang Wu
    Fighting Against ‘Circles’— the current anti-corruption campaign in China and the cultural transition of the CPC