Past Events: 2014/15

Date: Monday 26th January, 2015   
Time: 5pm  
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton  
Speaker:  Professor David Oswell, Head of the Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Title: Re-aligning children's agency and re-socialising children in childhood studies after biopower

Seminar Promo:        CIRCY Seminar Series Promo: 26jan2015 [DOC 142.00KB]


Date: Monday 17th November, 2014   
Time: 5pm  
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton  
Speaker:  Dr Sarah Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Applied Social Science, University of Stirling

Title:  Contemporary Greek Myths: Visual resources for young people's self-care and transformation

Seminar Promo:         CIRCY Seminar Series Promo: 17nov2014 [DOC 141.50KB] 


Date: Monday 22nd September, 2014  
Time: 5pm 
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton 
Speaker:  Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Lecturer in Social Work, Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Sussex

Title:  Joining up the dots on children's participation in public life: Theoretical and methodological challenges

Seminar Promo:       CIRCY Seminar Promo: 22sept2014 [DOC 141.50KB]    


Date: Monday 23rd February, 2014 
Time: 5pm 
Venue: Room 104, Fulton 
Speaker:  Jo Moran-Ellis, Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Sussex

Title: Scoping the scale of children's agency and social actorship

Seminar Promo:       CIRCY Seminar Series Promo: 23feb2015 [DOC 142.00KB]