Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Umea Conference: 14-17 March 2016

Neoliberalism, Education and Changing Values: Theories and Methods in Educational Research

A four-day conference jointly hosted by CHEER and the Doctoral School, University of Sussex, UK, with the Postgraduate School of Educational Sciences, Umeå University, Sweden.

Sussex/Umea Conference: March 2016

Conference Presentations
    1. Professor Louise Morley: Neoliberalism: Capturing Money and Minds [PPTX 68.21MB]
      Session Outline: MORLEY [DOCX 14.43KB] 
    1. Professor John Pryor: The Making of the Neoliberal Academic: The State, the Market and the PhD
    1. Dr Joakim Lindgren: Neo-liberalism, Knowledge and School Inspection [PDF 470.74KB]
      This presentation was not recorded
    2. Professor Karin Sporre: What is Valued and Measured in Neo-liberal Times? Perspectives from an Ethicist
Methodology Workshops
    1. Dr Maria Rönnlund: Space, Place and Education [PPTX 10.73MB]
    1. Dr Tamsin Hinton-Smith: Doing Research in a Feminist Way: Utilising Feminist Methods in Empirical Research [PPTX 335.65KB]
      Session Outline: HINTON-SMITH [DOCX 14.58KB]
      Ethics, reflexivity and ethically important moments in research: GUILLEMIN & GILLAM [PDF 175.80KB]
      Feminist solidarity through anticapitalist struggles: MOHANTY [PDF 157.08KB]
      Re-envisioning social justice from the ground up: OPREA [PDF 176.77KB]
      1. Professor Eva Lindgren: Mixed Methods and Intervention Studies [PDF 350.25KB]
    1. Dr Rebecca Webb: Challenging the Mechanistic within Research Methodologies - Using Butler to Work both 'Within and Against Interpretivism' [PPTX 3.71MB]
      Session Outline: WEBB [DOCX 13.09KB]
      Rethinking vulnerability and resistance: BUTLER [PDF 139.99KB]
Programme & recommended reading

Umea Conference 2016: PROGRAMME [PDF 233.01KB]

Neoliberalism on the web
Participating scholars
Doctoral Scholars from UMEA        Doctoral Scholars from SUSSEX
Anders Hofverberg Caterina Mazzilli
Anna Rantala Christine Wanjala
Anna Renström Daniel Leyton Atenas
Anna-Karin Kuuse Daniella Rabino
Frida Marklund Dragana Radoman
Frithjof Theens              Elsie Whittington
Gustav Borsgård Emily Ponepone
Hampus Holm Eva Bulgrin
Johan Brydsten Runemark Hajeej Alhawsawi
Inês Félix Helen Murray
Justin Zelime Jennifer Jomafuvwe Agbaire
Kirsi Kohlström Jessica Gagnon
Kristina Belancic Kourosh Kouchakpour
Maria Lindfors Lee Rensimer (Wisconsin-Madison)
Maria Wiklund Perpetua Kirby
Sol Morén Sara Felix
Susanne Ragnarsson