Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Events Archive: 2010/11

The following are details of past CHEER events and documents which may still be of interest/relevance:


September 2011: Publications from 'Imagining the University of the Future'

A special issue of the journal  'Contemporary Social Science'  has been published containing selected papers from the CHEER/ ESRC Seminar Series 'Imagining the University of the Future'. It is called: Challenge, Change or Crisis in Global Higher Education? Volume 6, Issue 2, 2011

1. Overview of researching global higher education: challenge, change or crisis?
    Miriam E. David (pages 147-163)

2. Imagining the university of the future: eyes wide open? Expanding the imaginary through critical and feminist ruminations in and on the university
    Valerie Hey & Louise Morley (pages 165-174)
3. Academic identities re-formed? Contesting technological determinism in accounts of the digital age
Sue Clegg (pages 175-189)
4. Where now? Questions about assessment from a five-year longitudinal study into learning in higher education
    Tamsin Haggis (pages 191-205)
5. Affective asymmetries: academics, austerity and the mis/recognition of emotion
    Valerie Hey (pages 207-222)
8. Misogyny posing as measurement: disrupting the feminisation crisis discourse
    Louise Morley (pages 223-235)
9. The Net Generation, the knowledge economy and on-line learning: who is learning online and how?
    Huw Morris (pages 237-254)
10. Neoliberalism, working-class subjects and higher education, Valerie Walkerdine, pp 255-271

May 2011: Professor Louise Morley keynote at Orebro University

Louise Morley made a keynote presentation at GENDER PARADOXES OF CHANGING ACADEMIC AND SCIENTIFIC ORGANISATION(S) Seminar, Centre for Gender Excellence, Örebro University, Sweden.

9 December 2010: Exchanging Knowledge for Widening Participation: A focus on higher education in Ghana and Tanzania

Seminar Recording

Video of Keynote 'Misogyny Posing as Measurement: Disrupting the Feminisation Crisis Discourse'

Louise Morley presented the keynote 'Misogyny Posing as Measurement: Disrupting the Feminisation Crisis Discourse' at the Researching Medical Education Annual Conference (Association for the Study of Medical Education), RIBA, in London on November 23.

September 2010: Professor Louise Morley keynote at Bryn Mawr

Professor Louise Morley made a presentation on the Contemporary Issues in Access and Equity panel at the Heritage and Hope: Women’s Education in a Global Context Conference 23-25 September. The conference celebrated the 125th anniversary of Bryn Mawr's women's university in Pennsylvania, USA.

For a response to Louise's presentation, see video.

September 2010: Professor Louise Morley keynote at BERA 2010

Professor Louise Morley was a keynote speaker at BERA (British Educational Research Association) Annual Conference 2010.

The keynote has been reported in The Times Higher Education (9 September 2010 and 16 September 2010).

There is also a short interview with Professor Morley at the BERA Conference.

CHEER congratulates Peter Tatchell on his Honorary Doctorate

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has received an honorary doctorate (Hon D.Litt) from the University of Sussex on Friday 23 July 2010.

He was nominated by staff and students in the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), and the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research for the honour in recognition of his services to human rights over a period of 43 years.

He received the award from University of Sussex chancellor, Sanjeev Bhaskar, during the graduation ceremony at Brighton Dome.

Mr Tatchell said he was honoured the students had sought to recognise his human rights work.

He added: "I was hesitant about accepting this honour. After all, my contribution to human rights is very modest.

"I am a long way from being a brave and effective campaigner. Many others are much more deserving than me.

"My decision to accept was partly because the initiative for this honorary doctorate was a grassroots one, from the staff and students."

Mr Tatchell, who began campaigning in Australia in 1967, said he accepted the honour in solidarity with other activists in countries such as Uganda, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe and Palestine.

He added: "The message I will deliver in my acceptance speech is this - be sceptical, question authority, be a rebel.

"All human progress is the result of far-sighted people challenging orthodoxy, tradition and vested interests."

20 - 22 July 2010

Louise Morley was a keynote speaker at the Higher Education Close Up Conference (HECU 5) 'Questioning Theory-Method Relations in Higher Education Research, Lancaster University 20th - 22nd July 2010.

Each of the Keynote Speakers at the HECU5 conference provided a 'think piece', which was intended to act as the starting point for conversation about research into higher education. 'Thinkpiece' [PDF 120.75KB]

Louise Morley's presentation for HECU 2010 .

25 May 2010

CHEER Professorial Lecture by Louise Morley 'Imagining the University of the Future'. Professor Miriam David from the Institute of Education, University of London was the respondent.

Link to the Professorial Lecture by Louise Morley

8 March 2010

CHEER seminar series. The Student Self: Variations In The Trajectories of First-Year University Students [DOC 216.50KB] Monica McLean, University of Nottingham.

15 February 2010

CHEER seminar series. Why So Few Women in Higher Education Management: One Hand Still (invisibly) Tied Behind Us? [Doc 216Kb]

28 January 2010

CHEER dissemination seminar: Widening Participation in Higher Education in Ghana and Tanzania: Developing an Equity Scorecard. Download Executive Summary / Draft Research Report.



June 2011: New book by Dr. Linda Morrice

Linda Morrice’s new book, Being a Refugee, offers a picture of the lives of highly qualified refugees before and after they arrive in the UK. Through life history and longitudinal study, she powerfully challenges the stereotyped images of refugees.

Morrice, L (2011). ‘Being a Refugee: Learning and Identity. A Longitudinal Study of Refugees in the UK’. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books.


CHEER Seminar, 9.30am - 4.30pm, Conference Centre, Bramber House Download the programme here.

October 2010: New Book by Dr. Pat Drake

book coverIn the recently released book "Practitioner Research at Doctoral Level", the authors explore in detail the challenges faced by doctoral researchers conducting practitioner research today.

Drake, P. with Heath, L (2010). Practitioner Research at Doctoral Level: developing coherent methodologies. London: Routledge.




ESW Seminar Series

All seminars take place in Room 104, Fulton at 5pm (unless stated otherwise).


Spring term 2012

Date: Monday 9th January
Education Research Centre: CHEER
Speaker: Dr Paul Ashwin, University of Lancaster
Title: That's another fine mess we have got ourselves into: On the role of theories in empirical research into higher education
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo - 9jan2012 [DOC 140.00KB]

Autumn term 2011

Date: Monday 10th October
Speaker: Professor Allyson Holbrook,University of Newcastle, Australia
Title: Adaptive Knowledge Production: The knowledge behind doctoral students' understandings and achievement of new knowledge production
Seminar Promo:         Seminar Series Promo - 10oct2011 [DOC 140.00KB]
Seminar Recording:  *seminar not recorded

Date: Monday 7th November 2011
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Room 104, Fulton
Education Research Centre: A joint collaboration between CHEER and the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research
Speaker: Dr Linda Morrice, Lecturer in Continuing Education, University of Sussex
Title: Refugee Stories: Learning to live in the UK
Seminar Promo: Occasional Speaker Promo - 7nov2011 [DOC 140.00KB]
Seminar Presentation: Morrice - Refugee Stories [PPT 190.00KB]

Summer term 2011

Date:           Tuesday 31st May
Speaker:     Professor Gert Biesta,Stirling Instituteof Education, University of Stirling
Title:            Learner, student, speaker: Why it matters how we call those we teach
Seminar Promo:            Seminar Series Promo - 31 May 2011 [DOC 140.00KB]
Presentation: Gert Biesta Presentation: 31 May 2011 [PPT 777.50KB]
Seminar Recording:     ConnectPro link on StudyDirect

Date:             Monday 20th June
Speaker:      Professor Helen Colley, Manchester Metropolitan University
Title:             How does austerity impact on the work of educators? Time, space and  'ethics work' in an economic crisis
Seminar Promo:       Seminar Series Promo - 20 June 2011 [DOC 140.00KB]
Seminar Recording: ConnectPro link on StudyDirect

Date:              Wednesday 29th June
Title:              What are university professors for? Exploring intellectual leadership
Speaker:        Professor Bruce Macfarlane, University of Hong Kong
Seminar Promo: Lunchtime Series Promo - 29 June 2011 [DOC 139.50KB]

Spring term 2011

Date:             Monday 17th Jan
Title:             Time and reflexivity: Theoretical resources for research into higher education policy and practice
Professor Sue Clegg, Leeds Metropolitan University

Autumn term 2010

Date:            Monday 1st Nov
Title:            Developing Academic Identity: Differences in becoming teachers and researchers
Speaker:     Professor Angela Brew, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo - 1nov2010 [DOC 139.00KB]

Date:            Monday 22nd Nov
Title:            The gown and the korowai: Maori doctoral students and the special organisation of academic knowledge
Speaker:      Professor Sue Middleton, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Seminar Promo: Seminar Series Promo - 22nov2010 [DOC 139.00KB]