Five top tips for surviving A-level results day

If you're feeling apprehensive about your A-level results, don't worry. We've asked some of our Instagram followers for their top tips for getting through the day.

Don’t panic

By far the biggest piece of advice we – and others – can give is not to panic. Results day can be nerve-racking (particularly if you’re worried about entering Clearing) but simply staying calm and trying not to worry can be extremely valuable.

We’ve heard plenty of people say that the build-up always feels worse than the actual day, and staying calm will help you to avoid making snap decisions. Remember, you’re not alone. 

It might help to read some real experiences of students who came to Sussex through Clearing.

Student sitting outside on the grass using a computer

Don’t get stressed about it. You’ll only get a good place with a clear head.

Look after yourself

There are some simple but very effective things you can do to help avoid stress. This could include everything from getting a good night’s sleep, eating the right things and finding the time to exercise – even if it’s just a short walk. Don’t forget to find distractions to help you relax when you need to. 

See advice from the Complete University Guide about how to cope with results day stress.

Students walking in the countryside

Eat well and do some breathing exercises. It truly helps :-) good luck :-)

Preparation can be key

Prepare what you can in advance. This might mean reading through your personal statement again, or shortlisting alternative choices before the day itself so you can save time if you might be entering Clearing. It’s also worth making sure your phone is fully charged, and be patient if you have to wait on the phone. Also, be sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can note down any important information you are given. 

You can use our guides to help you plan, we have advice on what to do if you don't get the results you needhow to apply through Clearing and how to choose a course and university. You can also see what to say when contacting our Clearing team.

These might seem simple or obvious, but anything you can do to prepare ahead of time will help you to feel more confident about the day itself.

student on computer

Check UCAS before results! I didn’t meet my grades but still got a place! Not worth the panicking!

Make the decision that’s best for you

This can be tricky, but it’s important not to compare yourself to others on results day. It’s all about your journey and doing what is right for you, so try to remember this. Seeking advice from friends and family can of course be a massive help, but you have an opportunity to take ownership of the day and of your future.

See some commonly asked Clearing questions to help you with your decision making.

Students looking at scripts together

Stay calm and make the decision that’s best for you, not what everyone else might think!

Expect the unexpected

This brings us onto our final piece of advice – being adaptable. Preparing for outcomes you weren’t initially expecting is something you might want to think about. Some students don’t get into their first choice university and end up being even happier somewhere they may not have considered initially. Be open and adaptable where you need to be, whilst ensuring you’re doing what you feel is best for you. 

You can see our advice about choosing a course or university, if you enter Clearing and need to change your plans.

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Prepare for different possible outcomes to be safe, but most importantly do not worry too much.

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