The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba

The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba is a small yet vibrant, fully vegetarian cafe in the heart of campus on the ground floor of the Arts C building, next to Silverstone and Arts B. Check opening times, food options and the dining style.

Interior of The Dhaba showing seating area and counter

About The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba

The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba is the University’s dedicated vegan and vegetarian outlet, serving vegan loaded salads, veggie poke bowls, bahn mi sandwiches and noodle soups. The café runs a popular dhal pop-up twice a month, highlighting a range of playful versions of the comforting, nutritious dish.

The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba is a space for staff and students to eat, meet and work.

Key information


The cafe has an assortment of tables and chairs near to a service counter. It is a compact cafe best suited to small groups and gatherings.


A shaded square that leads to Arts C and the Silverstone building is scattered with large benches. It’s a great spot for larger groups in the warmer months.


The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba has a seasonal menu of vegetarian and vegan food.

You can also order hot food to be delivered here via the Uni Food Hub app.

To keep up to date with any specials, pop-ups and events happening at the café, follow @sussexfoodie on Instagram.

  • Sample menu for the Veg Bowl @ Dhaba

    Build your own lunch menu at The Veg Bowl @ Dhaba which costs £6.50.

    An example of this is:

    Choose one base

    Choose from:

    Noodle Broth Bowl
    Poke Bowl
    Leafy Salad
    Bahn Mi

    Choose one protein

    Choose from:


    Choose four toppings

    Choose from:

    Pineapple Wakame Edamame
    Pickled Red Cabbage Cucumber
    Pink Pickled Onions

    Choose your garnish (as many as you want)

    Sping Onion
    Red Chilli
    Pickled Ginger
    Crispy Onion
    Sesame Seeds
    Chilli Flakes

    Choose your sauce (as many as you want)

    Tamari Soy
    Sesame Oil
    Crispy Chilli Oil

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