Sussex European Institute

Brexit Open Seminar Series 2016

In March 2016 the University of Sussex Department of Economics and the Sussex European Institute is holding a series of open seminars on 'Brexit', the proposed departure of Britain from the European Union. 

Now that you have the vote, how will you use it? These seminars will discuss three different aspects of Brexit (an abbreviation of 'British exit'). Each is presented by noted experts in the field and is open to all Sussex students and staff, as well as those outside the University.

Building up an expert picture of the issues, these seminars will help you decide how to vote or just how to separate fact from fiction in what will be the most important, noisy and passionate debate in recent British history.

The seminars

All seminars start at 6pm in the Jubilee lecture theatre. All are welcome. Each will be recorded and made available here. 

Tuesday 1 March
Brexit or not to Brexit: The Political Economy of Leaving the EU or Staying In

Dr Michael Gasiorek and Dr Peter Holmes (Department of Economics)

  • Presentation [PDF 792.95KB]
  • Audio [MP3 71,2MB]
    Audio: Brexit or not to Brexit - The Political Economy of Leaving Europe or Staying In

Tuesday 8 March
Brexit, Migration and Mobility

Dr James Hampshire (Department of Politics) and Prof L. Alan Winters (Department of Economics and CEO, Migrating Out of Poverty Research Partnership Consortium) 

Tuesday 15 March
The Politics of the Referendum and Brexit

Prof Paul Taggart (Department of Politics and Sussex European Institute) and Dr Kai Oppermann (Department of Politics)