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Sussex meets Berlin

25 March 2019

17 undergraduates from Sussex's politics department recently spent four days (18-21 March) in the German capital, Berlin.

The School of Law, Politics and Sociology presents art exhibition 'Just Us' by Arthur McTaggart

13 March 2019

The School of Law, Politics and Sociology, along with arts charity Outside In, are pleased to present artwork by artist Arthur MacTaggart.

Over 150 school and college students visit Politics department

30 January 2019

The Sussex Politics department welcomed over 150 students from 6 schools and colleges across East Sussex on Thursday 24th Jan 2019. The event was...

Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit ‎

7 January 2019

A new book discussing the gender and queer dimensions of Brexit has been published.

Brexit will be Corbyn’s ‘acid test’ as new Sussex study shows he’s at odds with his party

2 January 2019

A survey of Labour members by Sussex and Queen Mary shows overwhelming support for a 'People's Vote' and is Corbyn's acid test, says Sussex professor.

‘Votes for Life’: Should Britons living abroad keep their voting rights in the UK?

29 November 2018

British citizens who move abroad currently lose their voting rights after 15 years. Controversially, this prevented many from voting in the EU...

Brexit, sexual orientation and gender identity: what about the people?

26 November 2018

Slowly, but surely, awareness is increasing about the possible impact of Brexit on individuals who identify, or are identified as, members of...

Polish Embassy promotes Sussex scholar’s book on dealing with the communist past

7 November 2018

Professor Szczerbiak's book explains how dealing with its communist past has become one of the main causes of political divisions in Poland.

What will Brexit mean for gender equality?

12 July 2018

Will Brexit affect women more than men? And what about people within the LGBTQ+ community? A team from Sussex Law School held a seminar,...

LPS doctoral researchers discuss professional development

6 July 2018

Twenty five PhD students took part in the sixth School of Law, Politics and Sociology (LPS) annual away day for postgraduate doctoral researchers,...

Items 1 to 10 of 38

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