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December 2017

With features on: 

- Cabinets, Ministers and Gender

- Seeking asylum in Europe: Delving into sexual orientation and gender identity asylum claims

- The European Heritage

- How do we know if the political and economic elites are in collusion? 

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Special Issue, Summer 2016

The Result of the UK Referendum on EU Membership

With features on: 

- It’s not just the economy, stupid: The UK referendum on EU membership, 2016 

- ‘Brexit’ and the Dysfunctions of British Politics

- Energy and Climate Policies After Brexit

- What does Brexit mean for Women?

- The intergenerational economics of Brexit 

- Opinion: Welcome to Little England

- How Brexit will hit the economy

- The consequences of Brexit for Ireland

- How will Brexit affect Polish politics?

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Issue 60, Spring 2016

With features on:

- Can Germany Integrate its new migrants?

- Six Things We Know About EU Referendum Campaigns

- Britain at a crossroads: the politics of asylum, immigration and Europe

- An Evaluation of the European Commission’s Training programme for National Judges Applying EU Competition Law: Part I.

- A Ph.D student talks about her first year experience at Sussex

- Bleeding Love: Raising Awareness on Domestic and Dating Violence Against Lesbians and Transwomen in the European Union

- Europe and the Everyday: Grassroots, EU and the Politics of Crisis (EUEve)

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