Physics and Astronomy

From astronomy to theoretical physics and quantum technology – at Sussex, you can choose from a range of undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees.

We’re at the forefront of physics and astronomy research:

    • developing next-generation quantum technology, devices including quantum sensors and quantum computers
    • working on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider and the latest neutrino experiments
    • observing the origins and evolutions of our universe with the largest available telescopes and gravitational waves
    • exploring high energy theory, such as unravelling the nature of dark matter, quantum gravity and quantum effects in black holes.

Our research underpins your teaching. From the mysteries of the quantum all the way up to the large-scale structures in our cosmos.

You’ll be part of our close community. You’ll have opportunities to work alongside our world-leading faculty on ground-breaking discoveries. And you’ll have access to the latest equipment, including a rooftop optical, radio, and muon telescope.

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Meet Sebastian

Sebastian Weidt emphasises Sussex’s important role in preparing a ‘quantum-ready’ workforce, blending groundbreaking research with practical education for global impact.

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