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The computer that could change our lives

Scientists at the University of Sussex have developed the world’s first blue print for building a quantum computer, which has been made public so scientists can further develop the groundbreaking technology.

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Forecasting for drought in Kenya

A collaboration between Sussex researchers, Kenyan national agencies and non-governmental organisations aims to improve drought predictions through the use of machine learning techniques to analyse satellite-based Earth observations.

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Alan Dalton, professor of Experimental Physics, describes how silver nanowires could be used to create bigger and more flexible touchscreens.

Automating flood risk simulations

Ambiental Risk Analytics has teamed up with DataJavelin, a University of Sussex spin out company, to explore how to automate the calibration of flood risk simulations through machine learning techniques.



Professor Kathy Romer, Reader in Astrophysics, describes how her involvement in an international project exploring the mysteries of dark energy may help explain why the Universe is expanding.


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