Materials Physics Group

Welcome to Materials Physics at the University of Sussex

Welcome to Materials Physics at the University of Sussex!

Materials Physics is a recently-established stream of research at Sussex, led by Professor Alan Dalton, Dr Alice King and Dr Conor Boland, which focuses on understanding structure-property relationships in nanomaterials, particularly two-dimensional nanomaterials such as graphene and molybdenum disulfide. Our research seeks to use low-cost, scalable solution processing techniques to develop these materials towards applications including printed electronics, strain sensors, energy storage devices, and bio-interface materials.


Researching enabling 2D nanomaterials for electronics, energy, composites and biointerfaces | Groups led by Prof. Alan Dalton, Dr Alice King and @CSBMatRes

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The Seven Sisters or an electron micrograph of some of our graphene 🤔

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Manoj interviewed by @newscientist on our recent @acsnano paper. Wrinkling atom-thin layers of carbon could make……

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