Liberal Arts

Practising Humanities 4: Evaluate and Reflect

Module code: Q9123
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Fieldwork, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module builds on the previous Practicing Humanities modules, inviting students to work to one of a set of prepared briefs to undertake a project that engages with the non-university community, in order to then reflect on and evaluate its success or failure using a range of methods and techniques. The project can adopt any number of forms—documentary, community engagement, blog—many of which students will be familiar with from previous Liberal Arts modules. Students will be introduced to a range of quantitative and qualitative means through which different types of project can be evaluated, and think about the complex relationships between formulating objectives and then evaluating how effectively they were delivered. Key to the module is the practice of self-reflection where the object(s) of critical evaluation will be the planning, execution and outcomes of the students’ own individual projects.

Module learning outcomes

  • Effectively identify and plan a project drawing from a selected range of primary material.
  • Engage in active collaboration with communities beyond the University.
  • Apply humanities practice to academic (theoretical) and real-world problems/situations.
  • Apply appropriate modes of evaluation, and systematically reflect on the efficacy of methods and arguments.