Liberal Arts

Practising Humanities 2: Record and Present

Module code: Q9113
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Fieldwork
Assessment modes: Coursework

Building on the skills developed in Practicing Humanities 1, this module will develop students’ skills in recording observations and presenting them using a number of approaches. They will also reflect on the implications of different approaches, thinking about the ways that different modes of representation impact on the meaning of what we want to say or share, and how the medium through which we disseminate ideas impacts on the type of audience most likely to engage with them. It proceeds by analysing a range of approaches using specific case studies, arranged across a series of weekly seminars, that may include: podcasts, documentary film, essay writing, blogs, critical art practice, community art projects, poetry, and oral histories. Alongside this, students will be introduced to the specific skills required to produce these different types of content in order to produce a project of their own.

Module learning outcomes

  • Apply humanities knowledge to real-world problems/situations.
  • Demonstrate ability to use media or other practice to present information and argument.
  • Reflect on the methods of project and their effectiveness.
  • Articulate the value of particular arguments/positions/perspectives.