Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Doctoral Training Partnership

You may be eligible to apply for projects funded by the Sussex EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership if you are conducting research in a number of subject areas (listed below). You receive support with fees, living costs and have access to further funds for research expenses.

A PhD student works on mini-robots for his robotics project at the University of Sussex

PhD scholarships

Applications are open.

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Who can apply for an EPSRC scholarship?

EPSRC scholarships are open to you if you are conducting research in one of the following Departments: 

    • Science and Technology Policy Research Unit
    • Engineering
    • Informatics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Quantum Physics.

How to apply for a EPSRC scholarship

1. Projects supported by EPSRC funding at Sussex are advertised on this page, and throughout the year on our scholarships database. You apply for one of these scholarships using our online application system. Find out how to apply to Sussex.

2. You must indicate on your academic application form that you intend to apply for a EPSRC scholarship, giving the title of the project.

You may be invited to an interview as part of your application for an EPSRC scholarship.

Examples of funded scholarships

Recent EPSRC-funded scholarships have included these projects: 

  • Resonances for the Dirac equation with applications to heavy-ion collisions (Mathematics) 
  • Embodied programming for primary pupils: supporting the move from concrete to abstract (Informatics)
  • Theoretical studies of boron compounds and boron containing transition metal complexes (Chemistry) 
  • Using semantic web and argumentation engine technologies to support investigative interviewers (Psychology/Informatics)
  • Non-equilibrium quantum simulators for quantum technologies (Physics)
  • Towards the in-orbit demonstration of novel semiconductor radiation detectors on a CubeSat mission (Engineering)
  • Computational models for flood-risk assessment via the stochastic shallow water equation (Mathematics in collaboration with Ambiental Technical Solutions Ltd). 

More about the EPSRC 

The EPSRC is the UK's main agency for funding research in engineering and the physical sciences. EPSRC invests around £800 million a year in research and postgraduate training. 

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