Accommodation for families

Explore accommodation options if you have a child or family who will be moving with you when you come to Sussex.

University-managed family accommodation

We have around 20 family flats, most of which are on campus. Most family flats have one bedroom, and are suitable for up to two adults and one child.

Our family flats are in high demand, and you can only apply for a family flat if you have a child who will be living with you while you study. We can't guarantee you University-managed family housing.

How to apply

Complete the family accommodation application form [PDF 47.5KB] and send it to

You should apply as soon as you can, as we consider applications carefully and offer family accommodation based on various factors, including the order in which we receive them.

Contact the Housing Services team if you're an international student and you have questions about bringing your family to the UK.

Download our families accommodation handbook [PDF 1.65MB] to find out more about housing for families.

Privately rented family accommodation

If you want to live in private accommodation, there are a range of housing options in the local area. Find out how to find privately rented accommodation.

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