Our Team


Professor Liz David-BarrettLiz David-Barrett

Director, Centre for the Study of Corruption


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Professor Robert BarringtonRobert Barrington

Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice

Email: R.Barrington@sussex.ac.uk

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Dr Roxana BratuRoxana Bratu

Lecturer in Corruption Analysis 

Email: R.Bratu@sussex.ac.uk

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Professor Dan HoughProf Dan Hough

Professor of Politics

Email: D.T.Hough@sussex.ac.uk

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Dr Liljana CvetanoskaDr Liljana Cvetanoska

Teaching Fellow in Corruption, Law and Governance

Email: L.Cvetanoska@sussex.ac.uk

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Dr Shahrzad FouladvandDr Shahrzad Fouladvand

Lecturer in International Criminal Law

Email: S.Fouladvand@sussex.ac.uk

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Dr Sam PowerDr Sam Power

Lecturer in Corruption Analysis 

Email: S.D.Power@sussex.ac.uk

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Dr Francis McGowanfrancis Mcgowan

Senior Lecturer in Politics

Email: F.McGowan@sussex.ac.uk

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CSC Associate faculty

Dr Qingxiu Bu, Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Trevor Hopper, Professor of Management Accounting 

Dr Maurizio Marinelli, Senior Lecturer in East Asian History

Prof Richard Vogler, Professor of Comparative Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Dr Daniel Haberly, Lecturer in Human Geography

Dr Valentina Gullo, Research Fellow in Financial and Development Geography

Femi Amao, Reader in Law at the Sussex Law School