The Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies at Sussex is one of the foremost interdisciplinary institutions of its kind in Britain. Consisting of distinguished and committed academics from the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, and a thriving postgraduate community drawn from across the country and the world, the Centre covers many aspects of early modern study and has significant expertise in the medieval period.

With an international reputation of many years' standing, and with strong links with local archives and libraries, Sussex offers an ideal environment for faculty and students to strive for research excellence.

We also run a blog where staff and postgraduates share their thoughts on a wide range of topics; ranging from research updates to discussions of research issues to book and theatre reviews, and to any other subject relevant to the Centre and the wider research community.

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Associated faculty:

Dr Flora Dennis
Senior Lecturer in Art History 

Prof Matthew Dimmock
Professor of English

Prof Andrew Hadfield
Professor of English

Prof Margaret Healy
Professor Emerita

Prof Tom Healy
Professor Emeritus

Prof Maurice Howard
Professor Emeritus

Prof Liz James
Professor of History of Art

Dr Aaron Kahn
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Dr Laura Kounine
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Dr Ambra Moroncini
Senior Lecturer in Italian

Dr Joanne Paul
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Dr Chloe Porter
Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Rachel Stenner
Lecturer in English Literature 1350-1660

Dr Katie Walter
Senior Lecturer in Medieval English Literature


Research Associates:

Visiting Fellows:

Duncan Fraser
Associate Researcher

Dr Eva Holmberg
Visiting Researcher

Dr Kirsty Rolfe
Visiting Research Fellow

PhD students:

Yuri Enjo
Doctoral Researcher

Munire Maksudoglu
Doctoral Researcher

Charlotte Potter
Doctoral Researcher