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Study abroad

As an International Relations student, you have the chance to study abroad for a year or term at over 140 universities worldwide.

Study abroad options for International Relations students

You can either study a International Relations course with an integrated year abroad or choose to spend a year or term abroad as part of your degree.

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Even if you do not study an International Relations course with an integrated year abroad, you can still choose to study abroad for a year or term as part of your degree.

Why study abroad?


Studying abroad will make your CV stand out and help you develop language skills, team-working abilities and give you a new perspective on your Sussex course. 

Learn about different cultures

By studying abroad, you develop skills in communicating and negotiating with people from different countries and backgrounds.

Intercultural competence is increasingly recognised as an important attribute, and is prized by many employers.

Network of friends and contacts

You will meet people not only from the country you are visiting, but from all over the world.

You will build up a network of international contacts  which may help you personally and professionally.

Where have IR students studied abroad?

Sophie O'Flaherty - study abroadFrance

Sophie O'Flaherty spent a year at the Institut d'Études Politiques (IEP) de Grenoble

"A whirlwind year of amazing experiences, friends, memories and emotions that I will never forget."

Giovanna Machado - study abroadNetherlands

Giovanna Machado studied at the University of Amsterdam

"I have had the most wonderful time adjusting to a country so healthy and happy. It has changed me!"

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