Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)


As our faculty often specialise in more than one field and many research areas of cognitive science overlap, listed faculty are only loosely grouped into the following fields and may well identify with other research areas.


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Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life

Phil Husbands profile photo

Phil Husbands

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial evolution, robotics, evolutionary algorithms, computational neuroscience, computer manipulation of sound and image, history and philosophy of AI, machine learning

Thomas Nowotny profile photo

Thomas Nowotny

Professor of Informatics
Dynamical systems theory, statistics and hybrid systems, information processing in nervous systems

Andy Philippides profile photo

Andy Philippides

Reader in Informatics
Computational biologyComputational neuroscienceComputer vision & image processing - Pattern recognitionEvolutionary computation, Insect navigation, NavigationRobotics


Artificial Intelligence and Computing

Chris Chatwin profile photo

Chris Chatwin

Professor in Engineering
Case-based reasoning, computer vision, intelligent agents, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial life

Peter Cheng profile photo

Peter Cheng

Professor of Cognitive Science
Nature of representational systems, cognitive processes of drawing and writing

Judith Good profile photo

Judith Good

Reader in Informatics
Educational simulations and games, constructivist learning environments, artificial intelligence and education, support tools and environments for novice programmers, external representations in reasoning and problem-solving

Novi Quadrianto profile photo

Novi Quadrianto

Lecturer in Machine Learning (Informatics)
Personal webpage

Statistical machine learning, Bayesian methods, computer vision, and kernel methods

Donia Scott profile photo

Donia Scott

Visiting Professor (Informatics)
Personal webpage

Computational linguistics; cognitive linguistics; bioinformatics

Chris Thornton profile photo

Chris Thornton

Lecturer in Computing Science (Informatics)
Creativity, learning, representation

Sharon Wood profile photo

Sharon Wood

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence (Informatics)
Computational modelling, human decision-making, psychophysical processes and their limitations to higher level, cognitively based, complex knowledge-based reasoning


Arts, Humanities and Education

Richard Elliott profile photo

Richard Elliott

Lecturer in Popular Music

Celia Hunt profile photo

Celia Hunt

Emeritus Reader in Continuing Education (Creative Writing)
Cognitive poetics of the creative writing process

Maria Lauret profile photo

Maria Lauret

Reader in English & American Literature
Multilingualism, migration and subjectivity in the Americas

Thor Magnusson profile photo

Thor Magnusson

Lecturer in Music
CompositionComputational CreativityComputer MusicCreative CodingHuman computer interactionMusicMusic TechnologyPerformanceSoftware Engineering

Sally-Jane Norman profile photo

Sally-Jane Norman

Director of the Attenborough Centre Forthe Creative Arts
Embodiment and TechnologiesPerforming ArtsPractice-based researchScenography,Sonic ArtsTheatre History

James Williams profile photo

James Williams

Lecturer in Education
Creationism and Evolution in EducationHistory and Philosophy of ScienceInitial Teacher EducationScience EducationTeaching 'the nature of science' & 'the scientific method',Teaching and Learning


Biology and Neuroscience

Luc Berthouze profile photo

Luc Berthouze

Senior Lecturer in Informatics
Mathematical neuroscience, time series analysis, network analysis, EEG, EMG, criticality, coordination, synchronization, motor control

Jackie Cassell profile photo

Jackie Cassell

Head of Department (Primary Care and Public Health)

Thomas Collett profile photo

Thomas Collett

Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology
Insect vision and navigation

Hugo Critchley profile photo

Hugo Critchley

Chair in Psychiatry
Cognitive Neuroscience, Consciousness, Emotion, Mental health (Human disease),Neuroimaging, neuropsychiatry, Neuroscience (Human disease), Psychophysiology

Michael Land profile photo

Michael Land

Emeritus Professor and Associate Tutor (Life Sciences)

Paul Graham profile photo

Paul Graham

Reader (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment)
Animal behaviourLearningMemorynavigationneuroethologysocial insect biology,Vision

Daniel Osorio profile photo

Daniel Colaco Osorio

Professor of Neuroscience
Animal behaviour, colour vision, evolution of communication

Anil Seth profile photo

Anil Seth

Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience
Cognitive NeuroscienceComputational NeuroscienceConsciousness,  EEGNeuroimagingneuropsychiatry, 
Neuropsychology, Psychology, Time Series, Virtual Reality

Natasha Sigala profile photo

Natasha Sigala

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience
AgeingAttentionCategorisationCognitive NeuroscienceExecutive Functions,ExpertiseLearningMemoryPrefrontal CortexPsychologyVisual perception

Liz Somerville profile photo

Liz Somerville

Senior Lecturer in Biology


Engineering, Design and Human-Computer Interaction

Kate Howland profile photo

Kate Howland

Lecturer in Interaction Design
Computer science, education, learning, Human-computer interaction, creativity

Marianna Obrist profile photo

Marianna Obrist

Lecturer in Interaction Design

Daniel Roggen profile photo

Daniel Roggen

Reader in Sensor Technology



Lynne Cahill profile photo

Lynne Cahill

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
Lexical representation, phonology and morphology

Lynne Murphy profile photo

Lynne Murphy

Reader in Linguistics
Lexicology, lexical semantics and pragmatics, and lexicography --studying phenomena related to word meaning and how word meanings are learnt and stored in the mind

Justyna Robinson profile photo

Justyna Robinson

Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
Linguistics, language change



Maggie Boden profile photo

Maggie Boden

Professor of Cognitive Science
Creativity, purpose, freedom, personality, history and philosophy of cognitive science, social Implications

Ron Chrisley profile photo

Ron Chrisley

Reader in Philosophy
Animal cognition; cognitive architecture, concepts and non-conceptual content, consciousness, creativity, emotion, machine learning, philosophy of computation, philosophy of mind, representation, embodiment

Michael Morris profile photo

Michael Morris

Professor of Philosophy
Language, mind, world

Sarah Sawyer profile photo

Sarah Sawyer

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Anti-individualismContentEmpty NamesEntitlementEpistemologyExternalism,FictionIndividualismInternalism
Language & Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy Of Mind, Warrant


Psychology and Psychiatry

Robin Banerjee profile photo

Robin Banerjee

Professor of Developmental Psychology
Psychology, education, social cognition, cognitive development

David Booth profile photo

David Booth

Visiting Professor (Psychology)

Jenny Bosten profile photo

Jenny Bosten

Lecturer in Psychology
Vision, perception, colour, individual differences, genetics

Zoltan Dienes profile photo

Zoltan Dienes

Professor of Psychology
Experimental psychology, computational modelling; implicit learning, consciousness, unconscious knowledge, connectionism, hypnosis and Bayesian statistics

Ben Dyson profile photo

Ben Dyson

Lecturer in Psychology
Attention, Creativity, Representation, Perception, Electroencephalography (EEG)

Andy Field profile photo

Andy Field

Professor of Child Psychopathology
Anxietychild developmentEmotionStatistical Methodology

Anna Franklin profile photo

Anna Franklin

Reader in Psychology

Alan Garnham

Alan Garnham

Professor of Experimental Psychology
Psycholinguistics, psychology of reasoning, mental models theory

Graham Hole profile photo

Graham Hole

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Attention, cognitive development, human factors, visual perception, representation, face recognition

Ryota Kanai profile photo

Ryota Kanai

Reader in Psychology

Marv Khammash profile photo

Marv Khammash

Lecturer in Marketing (Business and Management)
Anthropology, philosophy, psychology, attention, decision making, emotion, memory, cross-cultural analysis, human experimentation, mathematical modelling, statistics

Karen McComb profile photo

Karen McComb

Professor of Animal Behavior and Cognition
Animal behavior, Psychology

Nick Medford profile photo

Nick Medford

Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry

Jane Oakhill profile photo

Jane Oakhill

Professor of Experimental Psychology
Experimental psychologyPsychology

David Reby profile photo

David Reby

Reader in Psychology
Animal behaviourAnimal CognitionBabies' criesEvolution of communication,Experimental psychologyHuman VocalisationsPsychologySexual communicationVocal anatomyVocal communicationVoice & Gender

Ryan Scott profile photo

Ryan Scott

Lecturer in Psychology

Nicola Yuill profile photo

Nicola Yuill

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Social cognitive development, children and technology, collaboration, autism