Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)


The following is a list of courses offered in the Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Programme for the 2014-15 academic year. Follow the links for course details from previous years for an indication of course structure and content.

Note to prospective students: this content is drawn from our database of both current and previous programmes and courses. The detail does vary from year to year as our programmes are constantly under review and continuously improving, but this information should give you a real flavour of what it is like to study at Sussex.

2014-15 COGS IDP Courses

  DepartmentComputer Science & Artificial IntelligencePsychology with Cognitive ScienceNeuroscience with Cognitive SciencePhilosophy & Cognitive Science
  Year 1
Aut The Ghost in the Machine (COGS1) G5077 Inf C C C
Introduction to Programming G5066 Inf       1
Cognition in Clinical Contexts C8508 Psych       1
Spr Principles of Cognitive Science (COGS2) G5118 Inf   C C 2
Contemporary Issues in Psychology C8846 Psych       2
Psychobiology C8003 Psych       2
Neuroscience and Behaviour C1087 Neuro       2
  Year 2
Aut Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science C8808 Inf 1 1 C 2
Brain and Behaviour C8518 Psych 1     2
Cognitive Psychology C8551 Psych       2
Principles of Neuroscience C1016 Neuro 1     2
Spr Philosophy and Science of Consciousness C8893 Inf 1 1 1 2
Philosophy of Science V7076 Phil   1 1  
Abnormal & Clinical Psychology C8512 Psych 1     2
Developmental Psychology C8546 Psych       2
Neural Circuits C1098 Neuro 1 1   2
  Year 3
Aut Topics in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science G5122 Inf 1 1 1 2
Human-Computer Interaction G5026 Inf   1 1 2
Social Cognitive Development C8045 Psych 1     2
Neurobiological Mechanisms C8601 Psych       2
Intelligence in Animals and Machines C1118 Neuro     1 2
Spr Current Issues in Cognitive Science C8807 Inf 1 1 1 2
Generative Creativity G6004 Inf   1 2
Sensory & Motor Functions of the Nervous System (suspended 2014/15) C8835 Psych 1     2
Topics in Cognitive Development C8100 Psych       2
Psychobiology of Cognitive Ageing and Dementia C8833 Psych       2
Structure and Function in the Brain C7143 Neuro 1   2
Development of the Nervous System C1115 Neuro 1     2