Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)

Prospective students

Faculty in COGS are involved in providing a number of degree programmes related to cognitive science at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral level.

Watch undergraduate student Felix Kern talk about his BSc in Neuroscience with Cognitive Science [1:42]


Watch undergraduate student Leah Mursaleen talk about her BSc in Neuroscience with Cognitive Science [1:29]

Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Programme (COGS IDP)

Intersection of COGS IDP component programsThe Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Programme (COGS IDP) aims to produce graduates who are competent in ideas intersecting AI, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology. The programme focuses on identifying different aspects of the mind and on modelling and explaining those aspects in computational terms. Cognitive Science students explore the nature of abilities and processes such as memory, communication, perception, reasoning, problem-solving and creativity, and develop an understanding of fundamental debates about the nature of consciousness.

In the first year of the programme, students are introduced to the key concepts, theories and methods in scientific investigation of the mind. A central issue is the role that computation and representation can play in explaining how mind can be part of the natural world. This first year provides a solid grounding for progressing to the more specialised, complex and self-directed courses of the following years.

In years 2 and 3, students dig deeper into the mysteries of the mind by looking at cognition from the perspective of linguistics, philosophy, psychology and/or artificial intelligence. Mastery is gained of the methodologies distinct to each of these disciplines; and students also encounter an enriching interplay between them. This enables them to give, for example, a philosophical critique of a psychological theory, or to design an AI program that processes natural language in an intelligent way.

Undergraduate admissions

For enquiries about Undergraduate admissions, in the first instance please contact:

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Postgraduate admissions

For enquiries about Master's admissions, in the first instance please contact:

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For enquiries about Doctoral admissions please contact the Research & Enterprise Co-Ordinator, Luke Scott:

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