Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)


COGS, the Centre for Cognitive Science, was formed in July of 2003 to "champion and support research and teaching in cognitive science at Sussex, particularly (though not exclusively) by fostering interdisciplinary links between those working in artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics and philosophy and related disciplines at Sussex." COGS is only the latest of a line which reaches back to the 1970s and earlier. Throughout this existence, COGS has understood cognitive science in a broad, inclusive sense, encompassing any interdisciplinary, scientific investigation into the nature of minds, whether they be human, (other) animal, or artificial.

Activity at COGS has taken two forms. There are the more visible activities: the weekly COGS seminar series, the autumn open lectures, the COGS Symposia, and the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision COGS provides. In addition there has been less immediately visible, but ultimately essential work: the comingling of interdisciplinary research that forwards our understanding of the mind.

Joining COGS

At present we have over 300 members, with more being added regularly.

COGS members are of two sorts: There are members of the University of Sussex who actively research, teach and/or study in the area of cognitive science. These members are listed under faculty and students. There are also affliliate members who are either a) members of Sussex not actively researching, teaching or studying cognitive science, but would still like to play a role in the life of the Centre; or b) people who are not members of Sussex, but still have an interest in COGS (including alumni, ex-faculty, collaborators, etc.).

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Centre Director

The name COGS

Over the years, despite the name COGS remaining constant, the full title of the entity it represents has changed.

Originally denoting the Cognitive Studies Programme, it became the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences in 1974.  In 2003 this changed to the Centre for Research in Cognitive Science, which since 2013 is called the Centre for Cognitive Science.

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