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Consolidation and stabilisation around the ‘post-transition divide’?: The October 2019 Polish parliamentary election

Aleks Szczerbiak


'Reconceptualisation of Party Euroscepticism: Towards the Political Reality' EPERN Working Paper No 30 Also available as SEI Working Paper No 144

Pavol Baboš and Aneta Világi 


Post-communist truth-revelation procedures as a means of political legitimation and de-legitimation: The case of Lech Wałęsa in Poland

Aleks Szczerbiak


Europe at a crossroads, but can we read the signposts?

Helen Wallace


Best Not To Exaggerate: The Complexities of Swiss Political Change

Clive H Church


An anti-establishment backlash that shook up the party system? The October 2015 Polish parliamentary election [PDF 530.75KB] Aleks Szczerbiak


Why did Poland adopt a radical lustration law in 2006? Aleks Szczerbiak


A Model for Democratic Transition and European Integration? Why Poland Matters - Aleks Szczerbiak [PDF 419.47KB]  Aleks Szczerbiak


Halcilik and Populizm: 'Official - Rational' versus 'Popular' in the context of 'Turkish Exceptionalism'

Toygar Baykan


From Measuring Party Positions on European Integration to Comparing Party Proposals on EU Affairs: the Case of the 2011 Spanish General Election

Cristina Ares Castro-Conde


European Issues as a Domestic Proxy: The Case of the German FederalElection 2013

Aleksandra Moroska-Bonkiewicz and Bartek Pytlas


The Evolution of National Social Dialogue in Europe under the Single Market, 1992-2006

Andreas Kornelakis


Explaining patterns of lustration and communist security service file access in post-1989 Poland

Aleks Szczerbiak


Radical left parties and immigration issues

Dan Keith and Francis McGowan


Who is willing to participate, and how? Dissatisfied democrats, stealth democrats and populists in the UK

 Paul Webb


 A product of their bargaining environment: Explaining government duration in Central and Eastern Europe

 Lee Savage


Poland (mainly) chooses stability and continuity: October 2011 Polish parliamentary election

 Aleks Szczerbiak


Reforming the EU budget to support economic growth 

 Alan Mayhew


 'Whenever the EU is involved, you get problems': explaining the European policy of The (True) Finns

 Tapio Raunio


The Bidirectional Benefits of Political Party Democracy Promotion: the case of the UK's Westminster Foundation of Democracy

 Robin Kolodny


'You're not doing to write about that are you?': what methodological issues arise when doing ethnography in an elite political setting?

 Amy Busby


From Abiguity to Euroscepticism? A case study of the Norwegian Progress Party's position on the European Union

 Marianne Sundlisater Skinner


'When life gives you lemons make lemonade': Party organisation and the adaptation of West European Communist Parties

 Dan Keith


The Changing nature of Serbian political parties' attitudes towards Serbian EU membership

 Marko Stojic


Sussex v. North Carolina: the comparative study of party-based Euroscepticism

 Cas Mudde


The non-European roots of the concept of populism

 Tim Houwen


German foreign policy and leadership of the EU - 'You can't always get what you want.....but you sometimes get what you need'

 Alan Mayhew, Kai Oppermann, Dan Hough


Deliberative Versus Parliamentary Democracy in the UK: An Experimantal Study   

Paul Webb, Tim Bale and Paul Taggart


The European Parliament and the 'Returns' directive: The end of radical contestation; the start of consenual constraints?

Ariadna Ripoll-Servent


The Portugese Communist Party - Lessons in Resisting Change

Daniel Keith


The Economic and Financial Crisis: impacts on an emerging economy - Ukraine

Alan Mayhew


EU Internal Market: Shaping a new Commission Agenda 2009-2014

Peter Holmes and Jim Rollo


Swaying the disgruntled floating voter. The rise of populist parties in contemporary Dutch politics  

Stijn van Kessel  


The Scottish National Party's changing attitude towards the European Union   

Valeria Tarditi 


 Political Parties & Gender Balanced Parliamentary Presence in Western Europe: A two-step Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis 

Emelie Lilliefeldt


Ireland's No to Lisbon: Learning the Lessons from the failure of the Yes and the Success of the No Side 

John Fitzgibbon 


The Eastern Partnership - something new or window dressing

Christophe Hillion and Alan Mayhew 


Home Sweet Home: Assessing the Weight and the Effectiveness of National Parties' Interference on MEPs' everday Activity

Stefano Braghiroli 


The Scottish and Welsh Party Systems Ten Years after Devolution: Format, Ideological polarization and Structure of Competition  

Emanuele Massetti 


A New Right for a New Europe? Basescu, the Democrats and Romania's centre-right  

Ed maxfield 


Constitutional politics, Constitutional Texts and Democratic Variety in Central and Eastern Europe  

Paul Blokker 


Beyond EU Enlargement? Creating a United European Commonwealth 

John Palmer 


When in doubt (re-turn) to domestic Politics?: the (non-)impact of the EU on party politics in Poland

Aleka Azczerbiak and Monika Bil


Completing the Single Market in Financial Services: an advocacy coalition framework   

Lucia Quaglia 


Love me, love me not... A typology of public euroscepticism

Catharina Sørensen


The birth of a bi-polar party system or a referendum on a polarising government? The October 2007 Polish parliamentary election

Aleks Szczerbiak


The Contrasting Fortunes of European Studies and EU Studies: Grounds for Reconciliation?

Francis McGowan


Why do Poles love the EU and what do they love about it?: Polish attitudes towards European integration during the first three years of membership

Aleks Szczerbiak


You Can't Always Get What You Want But Do You Sometimes Get What You Need? The German Presidency of the EU in 2007

Lucia Quaglia, Dan Hough and Alan Mayhew


Committee Governance in the Financial Sector in the European Union

Lucia Quaglia


Territory and Electoral Politics in Germany

Dan Hough and Michael Koss

94 Explaining the success of Centre-Right Parties in Post Communist East Central Europe: A Comparative Analysis

Sean Hanley, Aleks Azczerbiak, Tim Haughton and Brigid Fowler

93 A Certain idea of Europe:Can European Integration survive eastern enlargement?

Alan Mayhew


Young Adults and Electioral Turnout in Britain

Ed Phelps

91 Why is there no Christian Democracy in Poland (and why does it matter)?

Tim Bale and Aleks Szczerbiak

90 Setting the pace? Private financial interests and European financial market integration

Lucia Quaglia

89 First Timers Yes, Virgins No : The Roles and Backgrounds of New Members of the European Parliament

Tim Bale and Paul Taggart

88 Spoilt for Choice, Yet Hard to Get : Voters and Parties at the Bulgarian 2005 Parliamentary Election

Lyubka Savkova


Echoes of the Past in Contemporary Politics: The Case of Polish-Ukranian relations

Nat Copsey


'Social Poland' Defeats 'Liberal Poland'?: The September - October 2005 Polish Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

Aleks Szczerbiak


Citizenship or Denizenship: The Treatment of Third Country Nationals in the European Union

Ece Ozlem Atikcan

84 The Future of Polish-Ukrainian Relations: Evidence from the June 2004 European Parliament Election Campaign in Poland Nathaniel Copsey and Aleks Szczerbiak
83 Thinking About and Voting on Swiss Foreign Policy: Does Affective and Cognitive Involvement Play A Role? Lionel Marquis and Karen Gilland Lutz
82 The Priming of Referendum Votes on Swiss European Policy Lionel Marquis
81 Central and Eastern Europe in the 2004 European Elections
A Not So European Event
Kenneth Chan
80 The End of Socialist Hegemony: Europe and the Greek Parliamentary Election of 7th March 2004 Susannah Verney
79 The Influence of the War in Iraq on Transatlantic Relations Wojciech Lewandowski
78 The Financial Framework of the European Union, 2007-2013: New Policies? New Money?

Alan Mayhew

77 The European Emplyment Strategy: An Example of European Multi-level Governance

Marisol Garcia, Antonio Cardesa Salzmann and Marc Pradel

76 Humanitarian Intervention: The Utopia of Just War? The NATO intervention in Kosovo and the restraints of Humanitarian Intervention

Arkadiusz Domagala

75 Eco labelling in the EU: Lessons for Poland

Anna Slodka

74 Institutional Change and Economic Performance in Transition Economies: The case of Poland

Pasquale Tridico

73 Is Rural Populism on the decline? Continuities and Changes in Twentieth Century Central Europe - the case of Slovakia

Juraj Buzalka

72 Supranational Governance in an "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice": Eurodac and the Politics of Biometric Control

Jonathan P. Aus

71 The impact of the enlargement of the European Union on Central European Party Systems

Paul Lewis

70 Party Attitudes to European Integration: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Italian Case

Nicolo Conti

69 Theorising Party-Based Euroscepticism: Problems of Definition, Measurement and Causality

Aleks Szczerbiak and Paul Taggart

68 Agriculture, the Structural Funds and the Budget after Enlargement

Professor Jim Rollo

67 Evolution of Local Systems inthe Context of Enlargement

Eleonora Cutrini

66 Conflicts Between Community and National Laws: An Analysis of the British Approach

Przemysaw Biskup

65 The Financial and Budgetary Impact of Enlargement and Accession
Alan Mayhew
64 The Contexts of Swiss Opposition to Europe
Clive Church
63 The Impact of EU membership on the Lithuanian budget

Rasa Spokeviciute Stagiaire
62 Explaining Lustration in Eastern Europe: 'A Post-communist politics approach'
Kieran Williams, Aleks Szczerbiak and Brigid Fowler
61 Another Europeanisation Case: British Political Activism?
Francesca Vassallo
60 Euroscepticism in Italy and Centre-Right and Right Wing Political Parties: OERN Working Paper No 10
Dr Lucia Quaglia
59 Taking Transparency Seriously

Daniel Naurin

58 Semipresidentialism: an emerging pan-European Model
Prof Adriano Giovannelli
57 Decision-Making in EU Justice and Home Affairs: Current Shortcomings and Reform Possibilities Hans G Nilsson
56 Opposing Europe: Euro-Scepticism, Opposition And Party Competition: OERN Working Paper No 9
Nick Sitter
55 Turkey EU Relations In The Post Helsinki Phase And The EU Harmonisation Laws Adopted By The Turkish Grand National Assembly In August 2002
Mrs Pinar Tanlak
54 'Dark Matter': Institutional Constraints and the Failure of Party-Based Euroscepticism in Germany: OERN Working Paper No 8
Charles Lees
53 After The Election, Nearing The Endgame: The Polish Euro-Debate In The Run Up To The 2003 EU Accession Referendum: OERN Working Paper No 7

Aleks Szczerbiak

52 The Negotiating Position of the European Union on Agriculture, the Structural Funds and the EU Budget
Alan Mayhew
51 The Party Politics of Euroscepticism in EU Member and Candidate States: OERN Working Paper No 6
Paul Taggart and Aleks Szczerbiak
50 Euroscepticism or Europhobia: Opposition Attitudes to the EU in the Slovak Replublic: OERN Working Paper No 5
Karen Henderson
49 Hungarian Party Identities and the Question of European Integration: OERN Working Paper No 4
Agnes Batory
48 Europe As A Re-Aligning Issue in Polish Politics?: Evidence From the October 2000 Presidential Election: OERN Working Paper No 3
Aleks Szczerbiak
47 Professionalizing the Millbank Tendency: The Political Sociology of New Labour's Employees

Paul Webb and Justin Fisher

46 Parties, Positions & Europe: Euroscepticism in the EU Candidate States of Central and Eastern Europe: OERN Working Paper No 2
Paul Taggart and Aleks Szczerbiak
45 Adaptation of the Polish Legal System to European Union Law: Selected Aspects
Adam Lazowski, University of Warsaw
44 The Impact of EU Accession on Enterprise Adaptation and Institutional Development in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Witold Orlowski and Alan Mayhew
43 EU Enlargement and Commercial Policy: Enlargement and the Making of Commercial Policy
Michael Johnson with Jim Rollo
42 Emerging Regulatory Challenges to the EU's External Economic Relations
Peter Holmes and Alasdair Young
41 Trade Effects From The Integration Of The Central And East European Countries Into The European Union
Joseph F. Francois and Machiel Rombout
40 Economic Policy Co-ordination in the Eurozone: What has been achieved? What should be done?
Pierre Jacquet and Jean Pisani-Ferry
39 Enlargement of the European Union: an Analysis of the Negotiations with the Central and Eastern European Countries
Alan Mayhew
38 Impact Assessment and European Integration Policy
Slawomir Tokarski and Alan Mayhew
37 The European Trade Agenda After Seattle
Alasdair Young, Peter Holmes and Jim Rollo
36 Opposing Europe: Party Systems and Opposition to the Union, the Euro and Europeanisation: OERN Working Paper No 1
Aleks Szczerbiak and Paul Taggart
35 Big Business and the European Agenda
Keith Richardson
34 Public Opinion and Eastward Enlargement - Explaining Declining Support for EU Membership in Poland
Aleks Szczerbiak
33 Financial and Budgetary Implications of the Accession of Central and East European Countries to the European Union Alan Mayhew
32 Globalisation of Anti-Dumping and the EU Jeremy Kempton, Peter Holmes and Cliff Stevenson: Centre on European Political Economy Working Papter No.6
31 Negotiating Regulatory Alignment in Central Europe: The Case of the Poland EU European Conformity Assessment Agreement
Chritopher Preston and Arkaduisz Michonski
30 Corporate Governence Through Privatisation: Does Design Matter?
Rilka Dragneva
29 Interpretation and 'Soft Integration' in the Adaptation of the European Community's Foreign Economic Policy
Alasdair Young: Centre on European Political Economy Working Paper No.5
28 Institutions and Regional Development: Evidence from Hungary and Ukraine
Adam Swain: Centre on European Political Economy Working Paper No.4
27 What makes Economically Successful Regions in Europe Successful? Implications for Transferring Success from West to East
Ray Hudson: Centre on European Political Economy Working Paper No.3
26 Trajectories of Change in Europe's Regions: Cohesion, Divergence and Regional Performance
Mick Dunford and Adrian Smith: Centre on European Political Economy Working Paper No.2
25 Structural Fund Reform in the Light of Enlargement
Ian Begg: Centre on European Political Economy Working Paper No.1
24 The Pacific Asian Electronics Industries: Technology Governance and Implications for Europe
Mike Hobday, Alan Cawson and S Ran Kim
23 Coming to Terms with a Larger Europe: Options for Economic Integration
Helen Wallace
22 Study on the Economic and Industrial Aspects of Anti-Dumping Policy
Peter Holmes with Jeremy Kempton
21 A Missing Debate?: Hungary and the European Union
Tibor Navracsics
20 The Evolution of Governance and the Growth Dynamics of the Korean Semiconductor Industry
S. Ran Kim
19 Balancing Public and Private Interests Under Duress
Helen Wallace and Alasdair Young
18 Constitution Making and Citizenship Practice - Bridging the Democracy Gap in the EU? Antje Wiener and Vince Della Sala
17 Democratic Consolidation of the Political System in Finland, 1945-1970: A potential Model for the New States of Central and Eastern Europe Indira Konjhodzic

From an Island off the North-West Coast of Europe

Helen Wallace
15 The European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: Pre-Accession Strategies
Peter Holmes, Ulrich Sedelmeier, Alasdair Smith, Edward Smith, Helen Wallace and Alasdair Young
14 Post-War Reconstruction in the Balkans
Vesna Bojicic, Mary Kaldor and Ivan Vejvoda
13 The Maastricht Protocol on Social Policy: Theory and Practice
Gerda Falkner
12 The Commission's Perspective on the Enlargement Negotiations
Graham Avery
11 The Technological Competence of European Semiconductor Producers
Mike Hobday
10 Competitiveness in Europe: Cooperation or Conflict?  Keith Richardson
9 Ideas, Interests and Institutions: The Politics of Liberalisation in the EC's Road Haulage Industry Alasdair Young
8 Rethinking British Defence Policy and Its Economic Implications
Mary Kaldor
7 The EU's Association Policy towards Central eastern Europe: political and Economic Rationales in Conflict  Ulrich Sedelmeier

The European Community and the Challenge of a Wider Europe

Olli Rehn
5 Industrial Relations - Will the European Community Change Everything? John Edmonds
4 The Future of Unemployment in Western Europe? Reconciling Demands for Flexibility, Quality and Security  Colin Crouch
3 Competition, Collaboration and Public Policy: A Case Study of the European HDTV Strategy Xiudian Dai, Alan Cawson, Peter Holmes
2 The Future for a European Foreign and Security Policy Gunther Burghardt
1 Sanctions on Serbia: Sledgehammer or Scalpel Vesna Bojicic and David Dyker