Sussex European Institute


Faculty in the Sussex European Institute edit and contribute to a number of renowned academic journals.

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Party Politics

Party Politics is an international journal devoted to the study of political parties, party systems and political organisations. Founded in 1995 as a quarterly journal and now published bi-monthly, Party Politics provides a forum for scholars to share their work on topics ranging from the rise of partisan blocs in newly-democratic states in central and eastern Europe, to the impact of women on politics.

Co-edited by Professor Paul Webb, Party Politics is published six times a year, in January, March, May, July, September and November.

European Foreign Affairs Review

The European Foreign Affairs Review considers the external posture of the European Union in its relations with the rest of the world, focussing on the political, legal and economic aspects of the Union's external relations.

It functions as an interdisciplinary medium for the understanding and analysis of foreign affairs issues which are of relevance to the European Union and its Member States on the one hand, and its international partners on the other. 

The European Foreign Affairs Review aims at meeting the needs of both the academic and the practitioner and, in doing so, provides a public forum for the discussion and development of European external policy interests and strategies, addressing issues from the points of view of political science and policy-making, law or economics.

European Review

The European Review is a unique interdisclipinary international journal covering a wide range of subjects. It has a strong emphasis on Europe and on economics, history, social science and general asepcts of the sciences. At least two issues each year are devoted mainly or entirely to a single subject and deal in depth with a topic of contemporary importance in Europe. The other issues cover a wide range of subjects but may include a mini-review.

Government and Opposition

Government and Opposition is one of the world's leading global comparative politics journals. It publishes papers dealing with any part of the world, and on any theme, to do with comparative politics, liberally defined. Papers that cover a single case are accepted, as long as they are positioned within the comparative politics literature and seek to advance comparative political analysis.

Co-edited by Professor Paul TaggartGovernment and Opposition is published four times a year. One of these is usually a commissioned 'special issue' on a distinctive theme.