Centre for Global Health Policy

Past events


Global Health and Development  - 2016

Sussex Glocal Health Hive - 2015

Annual Conference 'Genetics, Genomics and Global Health – Inequalities, Identities and Insecurities' - 2014

Student Stop Aids Campaign Tour - 2014

Student Tropical Medicine Conference - 2014

Student Tropical Medicine Conference 2013

Annual Conference: Pharmaceuticals and Global Health, Inequalities and Innovation in the 21st Century - 2013

Annual Conference: Doing Global Health in the context of Crisis, Conflict and Disaster - 2012

The Ethics of HIV Testing and Transmission 2012

Annual Conference: Talking Global Health, Migration, Mobilities & Global Health - 2011

Seminar Series

Global Health Seminar Series 13/14

Global Health Seminar Series 12/13

Global Health Seminar Series 11/12


Trust in Global Health: an interdisciplinary workshop - 1 December 2017

Innovative/Biological Therapies in Sports Injury - 28th March 2017

Pharmaceuticals in Global Health - Life, Security, Governance - 25-26th May 2017

Pharmaceuticals and Global Health Policy - 9th June 2016

The emerging global crisis of antimicrobial resistance - 29th February 2016

Global Biomedical Informatics: Innovation, Governance, Societal Engagement - 18th February 2015

The Ebola Crisis: An international Relations Response? - 28th November 2014

Hepatitis: The Future? - 26th November 2014

Beyond Birth Weight: Measuring Early Life Health Conditions Past, Present - 24-25th October 2014

Special film screening of the new documentary “MICROBIRTH” - 22nd September 2014

Roundtable on Ebola at African Studies Conference - 10th September 2014

'International Access to Vaccines during a Pandemic' - Sussex-Georgetown University Workshop, 22nd October 2013 and ongoing

Tackling the Global TB Threat: Can we learn from the HIV response? - 19th March 2014

Pharamceuticals and Security: Strengthening Industry Engagement: Future directions in public-private collaboration for health security - 7th February 2014

Pandemic Flu Controversies: A Workshop to discuss lessons, policy implications and future challenges - 10-11th February 2013

Beyond the Eurozone Crisis: Europe and the New Realities for Global Health - 27th September 2012

Researching a Deadly Virus - Science, Security and the H5N1 Controversy - 22nd May 2012

Towards an International Political Sociology of Health and Medicine - 10th May 2012

Research Forum - What are the risks of researching a deadly virus?

Public debate: What are the achievements of the international AIDS response to date? - 28th November 2012


Guest Lecture: Professor Anthony Kessel, 'Public Health England, Global Public Health, and Beyond' - 2nd February 2017

Guest Lecture: Salla Sariola on "Research as Development" - 9th June 2015

Guest Lecture: Dr Claire Marris, 'Synthetic Biology & Global Health: How to move beyond the promises versus perils framing?' - 29th January 2015

Guest Lecture: Dr Alex Faulkner, ‘Regenerative Medicine in Europe: political conflicts, economic biases and legal loopholes’ - 25th February 2013

Student Stop AIDS Campaign Speaker Tour - 20th February 2013

Professorial lecture: Contagion: Disease, security and the politics of fear - 5th February 2013