Centre for Global Health Policy


John Abraham


 Prof John Abraham

 Professor of Sociology

 E: J.W.Abraham@sussex.ac.uk

 T: +44 1273 678883 or +44 1273 678890


   Dr Leena Al-Hassan

  Research Fellow in Global Health and Infection 

  E: L.Al-Hassan@bsms.ac.uk  




Gillian Bendelow   

   Prof Gillian Bendelow

   Professor of Sociology

   E: g.bendelow@brighton.ac.uk

   T: + 44 1273 877558 or +44 1273 678890



A photograph of Paul Beswick  

   Dr Paul Beswick

   Translational Drug Discovery Group

   E: p.beswick@sussex.ac.uk



PB    Dr Paul Boyce

    Lecturer in Anthropology


    T+44 1273 873290 


jc   Prof Jackie Cassell

   Chair (Honorary Consultant) in Primary Care Epidemiology

   E: J.A.Cassell@sussex.ac.uk




   Dr Maxwell Cooper

   Senior Lecturer in Primary Care (Primary Care and Public Health)

   E: Max.Cooper@sussex.ac.uk




AC   Prof Andrea Cornwall

   Professor of Anthropology & Development

   E: A.Cornwall@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 872932



portait photograph of catherine coveney

   Dr Catherine Coveney

   Global Health Research Fellow

   E: C.Coveney@sussex.ac.uk

   Website: http://biosportproject.org.uk/index



gd   Dr Gail Davey

   Reader in Global Health (Clinical Medicine)

   E: G.Davey@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 872528



rd   Dr Richard De Visser

   Lecturer in Psychology

   E: R.De-Visser@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 876585


SE   Prof Stefan Elbe

   Professor of International Relations

   E: S.Elbe@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 678724 or +44 1273 678892



BF   Prof Bobbie Farsides

   Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Ethics

   E: b.farsides@bsms.ac.uk

   T: + 44 1273 877630



  Alex Faulker                       

    Dr Alex Faulkner

    Reader in Global Health (International Relations)

    E: A.Faulkner@sussex.ac.uk

    T: +44 (0)1273 473421


  Abraham Navarro Garcia

  International Relations DPhil Student

  E: A.Navarro@sussex.ac.uk




Maya Gislason

       Maya Gislason

       Associate Researcher




        Caroline Hall

       Research fellow – Nursing and Midwifery

       E: Caroline.Hall@brighton.ac.uk

       T: +44 1273 644169




       Eva Hillberg

       International Relations DPhil Student 

       E: eh53@sussex.ac.uk




  Prof Alan Lester

  Professor of Historical Geography


  T+44 1273 678473 or +44 1273 877238


 Photograph of Dr Pheobe Li

 Dr Pheobe Li

 Lecturer in Corporate/Commercial Law (Law)

 E: Phoebe.Li@sussex.ac.uk

 T: +44 1273 872915


 Portrait photograph of Dr Aurélie Mahalatchimy

   Dr Aurélie Mahalatchimy

   Academic Laywer and Research Fellow 

   E: aurelie.mahalatchimy@gmail.com




    Narciso Mahumana

   Anthropology DPhil Student 





   Prof Andy Mckay

   Head of Department Economics

   E: A.Mckay@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 678739 or +44 1273 678889


Photograph of Lisa Mohebati   

    Dr Lisa Mohebati

    Former Lecturer in Global Health (Clinical Medicine)

    E: lmohebati@yahoo.co.uk



Piera Morlacchi    Dr Piera Morlacchi

    Senior Lecturer in Business and Innovation

    E: P.Morlacchi@sussex.ac.uk

    T: +44 1273 872612




  Nita Muir

  Principal Lecturer Nursing and Midwifery

  E: N.Muir@brighton.ac.uk

  T: +44 1273 644075




  Dr Lucila Newell

  Associate Researcher (International Relations)

  E: lucilanewell@gmail.com




MN     Prof Melanie Newport

     Professor in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

     E: m.j.newport@bsms.ac.uk

     T: +44 1273 877882




  Dr Dimitra Petrakaki

  Lecturer in Business & Innovation

  E: D.Petrakaki@sussex.ac.uk

  T: +44 1273 873632



AP    Dr Alison Phipps

    Senior Lecturer (Sociology, Cultural Studies)


    : +44 1273 877689 or +44 1273 678890



    Enrique Restoy

    Dphil candidate (International Relations)

    E: erestoy@aidsalliance.org



 Portrait photograph

     Stephen Roberts

     International Relations Dphil Student

     E: sr311@sussex.ac.uk



 Photograph of Anne Roemer-Mahler    Dr Anne Roemer-Mahler

     Research Fellow in Global Health Policy (International Relations)

     E: A.Roemer-Mahler@sussex.ac.uk

     T: +44 1273 873340



      Eric Schneider

      Lecturer in Economic History

      E: E.B.Schneider@sussex.ac.uk

      T: +44 1273 877945




          Umme Busra Fateha Sultana

          PhD Researcher

          Gender and Cultural Studies

          E: U.Sultana@sussex.ac.uk


    Prof Margaret Sleeboom – Faulkner

    Professor of Social Anthropology

    E: M.Sleeboom-Faulkner@sussex.ac.uk

    T: +44 1273 873392



  Dr Mei Trueba

  Lecturer in Global Health 

  E: m.trueba@bsms.ac.uk 




HT     Prof Huw Taylor

     Professor of Microbial Ecology

     E: H.D.Taylor@brighton.ac.uk

     T: +44 1273 642274



    Liz Thackray

    SAGE Library Research Hive Scholar 2011-12

    DPhil candidate - Sociology  

    E: e.thackray@sussex.ac.uk



mu   Dr Maya Unnithan

   Reader in Social Anthropology

   E: M.Unnithan@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 872789




      Dr Nadine Voelkner

      Associate Researcher 

      E: Nadine.Voelkner@sussex.ac.uk



Professor Simon Ward photograph   Professor Simon Ward

   Translational Drug Discovery Group


   +44 1273 678359



    Dr Catherine Will

   Lecturer in Sociology

   E: C.Will@sussex.ac.uk

   T: +44 1273 678449


CW     Dr Carol Williams

     Senior Lecturer – Nursing and Midwifery

     E: C.Williams2@brighton.ac.uk

     T: +44 1273 644080



LZ     Dr Laetitia Zeeman

     Senior Lecturer – Nursing and Midwifery

     E: L.Zeeman@brighton.ac.uk