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Established in 2011, the Centre for Global Health Policy seeks to creatively promote the quality and equality of people’s health around the world by advancing rigorous research for improving global health policy. We welcome you to please explore our Centre’s webpages for events, news, teaching, and examples of the research our members undertake.

 The Centre undertakes and promotes research on

1. The Global Politics of Health

How does the evolving international political environment shape and constrain global health policy? This includes research on the changing agendas, diplomatic strategies, and overall constellation of global health actors − including international organizations, governments, public-private partnerships, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, and commercial actors.

2. Making Global Health Policy

How is global health policy made? This includes research on agenda and priority setting in global health policy, how these policies are framed, the evolving knowledge and evidence base for global health policy, policy negotiation, the challenges of effective policy implementation, policy evaluation, and accountability in global health policy-making.

3. Power in Global Health

How does power influence global health outcomes? This crosscutting research covers material forms of power − especially funding and resource distribution, economic inequalities, and the role of special interests. It equally covers ‘softer’ power − such as processes of marginalization, stigmatization, and exclusion; the role of identities in global health policy, and the place of ethics in global health policy.

 Read more about the themes of our research, vision, aims and ethos here.

Stefan Elbe, director of the Centre for Global Health Policy and professor of international relations at the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, and Kendall Hoyt, assistant professor at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, visited the Council on Foreign Relations on 23rd March 2015 to share their views on potential strategies to improve the incentive structure for developing urgently needed pharmaceutical products. Listen to this podcast for a “to-the-point” discussion of these issues and the important insights of Professors Elbe and Hoyt.

Portrait photograph of Yanzhong Huang, Stefan Elbe, Kendall Hoyt

Wilton Park Report on Antimicrobial Resistance Released

Centre for Global Health Policy Research Fellow, Dr Gemma Buckland Merrett, authored the report from the Wilton Park meeting on ‘Antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals in low and middle income countries: how can knowledge and action be strengthened at national level’. This meeting provided an opportunity for those responsible for human and animal health, primarily from countries in low and middle economic settings, to strengthen knowledge in approaching antimicrobial resistance (AMR) domestically, identify emerging good practice and ways to scale up action at country level. Read the report here.

First page of report

The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities’

Read our contribution to the Standing Committee for the Humanities, The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities’ [PDF 2.56MB]  discussion paper.

Future of security research discussion paper front page - picturing a crowd in India



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