Centre for Global Health Policy


Please take a look below at some examples of Global Health related research carried out at Sussex University:

The Sussex Antimicrobial Resistance Study Group

The composition of the Sussex AMR study group reflects the complexity of the AMR global challenge and the required capabilities to address this, by bringing together researchers from across the social and natural sciences

Pharmaceuticals and Security

Project team: Prof. Stefan Elbe, Dr Anne Roemer-Mahler, Dr Christopher Long

Lyme Disease Controversy: Testing, Diagnosis, Policy, and Collaborative Activism in the UK

Project team: Prof. Alex Faulkner (Centre for Global Health Policy), Ms Kate Bloor (LymeresearchUK patient organisation); Ms Vashti Hale (Independent researcher).

Bioprinting: A new model for manufacturing regenerative medicine and tissue engineered products

Project team: Prof. Alex Faulkner (Centre for Global Health Policy), Dr Phoebe Li (PI) (Sussex, Law), Dr James Griffin (Exeter University, Law), Prof. Nick Medcalf  (Loughborough University, EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine)

Biotechnology and Global Health Security

Project team: Dr. Christopher Long

Biomodifying technologies and experimental space: organisational and regulatory implications for the translation and valuation of health research

Project team: Prof. Alex Faulkner (Centre for Global Health Policy); Dr Phoebe Li (Law,University of Sussex); Dr Michael Morrison (Principal Investigator, HELEX, University of Oxford); Prof. Jane Kaye (HELEX, University of Oxford), Prof .Andrew Webster (SATSU, University of York)

Migration, Mobilities & Global Health

Project team: Dr Maya Unnithan


Gene - Environment Studies in Podoconiosis

Project team: Dr Gail Davey

Realising Rights to Global Health

Project team: Dr Maya Unnithan

Regulating Health Systems in Fragile States

Project team: Dr Alice Street

International Science and Bioethics Collaborations

Project team: Prof. Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner, Seyoung Hwang, Prasana Patra, Achim Roseman

Emerging intersections of biomedicine and elite sport: institutions, practices and ethics

Project team: Dr Alex Faulkner, Dr Catherine Coveney, Prof. Mike McNamee, Prof. Jonathan Gabe