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Understanding the mind is one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Study in one of the UK’s largest schools of psychology. We have the expertise to support you throughout your studies, whatever your interest:

  • clinical, cognitive, forensic, health, social and applied psychology
  • child development
  • neuroscience.

Working with renowned researchers as well as on your own projects, you'll gain essential knowledge and develop key skills for your future career.

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Meet Robin

Professor Robin Banerjee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global and Civic Engagement), created the Sussex Kindness Research network with the aims of exploring, investigating and illuminating kindness, and its impacts on people and communities.

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The undergraduate view


  • Video transcript

    I'm Hannah, and this is my second year as a psychology student here at Sussex.

    One of the things I'm really interested in outside of my studies is learning different languages.

    So, at the moment I speak four, those are: Arabic, English, German and French.

    I will be talking about my whole journey here, how I got here, what I've been up to and how I hope to proceed.


    So initially, when I first started looking for universities, one of the most important things was for me to feel like I fit in.

    And actually, we have one of the largest cohorts and we have a large number of international students.

    And this means that you're going to fit in no matter where you're from, no matter your background and no matter what your beliefs are.


    When I first started uni, most of it was online, but we received so much support rom my lecturers and University staff.

    Sometimes I used to go to my lecturers' drop-ins and just sit for hours, sometimes on a weekly basis.

    And when we shifted to in-person teaching, I even got to meet my lecturer's dog once.


    One of my favourite things about Sussex is that you can ask about academic advice, but you can also ask about general life skills and advice about everyday life.

    And having my lecturers encourage me to do so was a very comforting feeling, especially when I was first starting university as a student who travelled from abroad to study... in the UK.


    One of the things I've been able to do here is to build on my interpersonal skills.

    I've suddenly shifted from being this quiet and shy person at school to being the first person to speak in class or start a discussion in a seminar.


    One of the things I'm looking forward to after my degree is actually just staying here at Sussex.

    I'm planning on doing my master's here and I actually can't imagine leaving.


    Being a psychology student here at Sussex really offers you a unique opportunity to learn about others, but also to learn about yourself.

    You really want university to be a place where you can grow.

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