Performing and Writing Music

Module code: W3035
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module examines the intersection between composition and performance through a range of different musical approaches involving practical experiment, critical reflection and peer feedback. The emphasis is on creative work, culminating in a portfolio of music that makes up your final submission.  

In this module you will develop your musical practice as an artist, composer and performer, both individually and in collaboration with others. You will engage in the critical evaluation of compositional and performance practices of established musicians and of each other’s work, using these exercises to think outside the box and work in new and exciting ways. A variety of styles will provide focus and aid development of basic techniques, appropriate to individual interests. You do not need to be an established instrumental or vocal performer or have prior experience of composition or improvisation to participate in the module.

Module learning outcomes

  • Account for and demonstrate the role(s) of music in appropriate media through analysis and practical projects.
  • Demonstrate creative flair and the ability to tailor a range of creative ideas (including compositional, improvisational and performance) to appropriate formats.
  • Demonstrate skills of musical co-operation through performance as a member of an ensemble.
  • Critcally reflect upon their own and others creative production.