Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Module code: V7092
Level 6
30 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Seminar
Assessment modes: Essay

Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedded in society and shapes many aspects of our lives. It is developing at a rapid – and sometimes alarming – pace.

This module explores some of the philosophical questions raised by the nature of this technology and its growing social and political importance. For example, can artificial intelligence systems think and feel? How should we treat such systems? And how serious are the risks and dangers that they pose?

Module learning outcomes

  • Be able to think critically about key problems in the Philosophy of AI.
  • Analyse key arguments offered in the central areas of Philosophy of AI.
  • Present a coherent and detailed understanding of key social/political/ethical issues in Philosophy of AI.
  • Present and defend some independent views as regards the key issues in the Philosophy of AI.